Reality and lies about animal farms


One should picture such a plate on all commercials!

On cigarette packs, it is not a problem !!


Consumers are increasingly rejecting cheap meat from factory farming, so the discounters and supermarkets increasingly resort to tricks.

“My butcher shop”, so one advertises.

Germany is the world’s largest meat producer and make subsidies possible!

About 60 million pigs are slaughtered annually in Germany!
In 2016, Germany’s slaughterhouses produced 8.25 million tons more meat than ever before. And in order to be able to produce these millions of tons of meat, animals suffer excruciatingly in factory farms. In all factory farms, also in the bios and in the “regional”.
In Germany, 50,000 piglets per day (!!!) are thrown into the garbage container. They are garbage and are not needed.


They are cruel pictures and we often hear them screaming. Every day we see them driving, the trucks, their cargo: animals! In “livestock farming”, as in all other economic sectors, it is all about money. Time is money and therefore everything has to go fast – and how such transports run you see in the video!



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My comment:  “For the animals today all peoples are more or less barbaric, it is hypocritical and grotesque if they emphasize their supposedly high culture at every opportunity, and daily commit the terrible atrocities against millions of defenseless beings.” (Alexander von Humboldt)


My best regards, Venus


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  1. Well said. Thank you. We have heavy responsibilities…

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