Plumploris are not sweet toys!

They have big, spherical eyes, live in treetops and their favorite pastime is certainly not to be tickled. We are talking about Plumploris, a primate species native to Southeast Asia.
Sweet as the monkeys are, they live so dangerously.

Their biggest enemy: the human being, who subjects the Plumploris to a torturous treatment so that they can finally be considered cute pets!

They are spreading like wildfire in social networks: videos of these sweet exotic monkey race – the articles are being lied, commented on and shared thousands of times.

The result: more and more people want to keep such an exotic animal as a pet!!

Since 2007, the sale of animals is prohibited. Still, they are still hunted on a large scale, caught alive and sold to exotic animal markets.

Especially in Japan and China, Plumploris are welcome pet animals.

The information about the agonizing treatment that Plumploris has to endure for their pet use is deliberately kept secret.
Plumploris are among the few mammals that are poisonous.

On their forelegs they have a gland that produces a secretion that unfolds its toxicity in conjunction with their saliva.

Even a bite of the cat-sized, nocturnal animals is poisonous.

The “logical” consequence for black market traders, who scent the big business with the sale of the small animals:

The teeth must be gone.

Thus, the canines of Plumploris are pinched right after catching. This has fatal consequences: every feeding becomes agony and the open wounds can cause serious infections.

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My comment: I found the video below on the internet.
At the beginning of the video, which lasts 4 minutes, a German Undercover journalist appears as a potential buyer of a Plumploris. The vendor, a woman, at the animal market tells him that the operation must be done via a poacher, because that’s illegal !!
He does it.
At the end of this video, we learn that the poacher gets 2 euros per animal because he’s just the middleman in this business.

And now comes the moral of the story: The German Undercover journalist confesses that he can not judge the poacher, because he does that to feed his family, and that’s barely enough for that.

Such videos are even more dangerous than the Plumploris’ handsets on the Internet.
They represent perpetrators as innocents victims of the demand.
They need to feed their family, so we have to understand (that is: forgive) that they are destroying other families of other beings, and selling the small members of these families, the monkey babys, to the market for 2 shit Euros.
No one is to blame, misery is to blame for everything …

The buyer demands what is already on the market, and this market requires “products” that the poachers and the end dealers invent and operate.
According to the same logic, rapists would be forgiven for necessarily satisfying their sexual needs.
In the case of murderers one can even rely on the instinct of aggression (after Konrad Lorenz, an important biological function for survival).

And that assassins, arms dealers, kidnappers and blackmailers have to feed their family is out of the question.

My best regards to all, Venus

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