Spain: murder spectacle for primitives



How primitive and anti-social can people be in the middle of Europe?


Watch the video at the FB page of Pacma:

Toledo: This is not a bullfight in the conventional sense of bullfighting murder we know.
It is a premeditated murder of a small calf between 1 and 2 years old who has not yet been weaned by his mother.

Therefore, the calf can not yet coordinate his legs well and also has no big horns to defend himself.
The murderers themselves prepare the murder weapons, the banderillas.

If he can not anymore, the animal is stuck in the corner, several “helpers” grab him and nail him until the baby is paralyzed and bleeding.

With less than two years the animal suffers a slow and agonizing death.

PACMA is the only party that advocates such a ban on Festego but also massacres all fiestas

Source: #StopBecerradas

And I mean…If one himself inspire and enjoy how innocent and utterly defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death, this one is no more than a miserable monster and has in no way deserved to have something like own human rights.

Every year Spain holds its hand and begs like a small child to other European countries, so that this “culture” of the brainless can continue to exist.

If torture, mistreatment and exploitation of innocent defenseless beings is “culture” for Spain, then the country is at the back end of education in Europe, because traditions from the Middle Ages are perceived with enthusiasm that only scare and disgust every educated person.

Except for a few mentally-deprived Germans and a few brain-sick Europeans, this form of “culture” really does not even appeal to the stupidest of the stupid.

We can be sure there are far more civilized animal lovers and animal rights activists (= antitaurinos) than people like this disgusting bunch of proletarians, who put an end to this primitive blood fiesta. Time is ticking for the animals and I know it will end.



My best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. Torture as culture???????????

  2. Shame shame shame

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