Belgium: 49 hunting seaters destroyed!

Received anonymously, Jun 08:

In May 2019, a group of antispeciesist activists destroyed 49 hunting stands close to the city of Namur, Belgium.

The purpose of this type of actions is to cause financial dammage to hunters in order to keep them from killing.

Hunting is absolutely not a way to regulate anything. Hunters create a situation of imbalance in the nature just to have an excuse to intervene and kill the predators they introduced themselves. They also introduce preys.

They keep them locked in the forest and they only liberate them to kill them.


The truth is that hunters need an excuse to legitimate the fact that they kill sentients beings for pleasure.

So tell them to expect us. Cause as long as there will be hunters, there will be activists to track them.


For more…at:


My comment: At least from these 49 murder seats, no animal will be shot dead!!

In Germany, the legal status of these shooting facilities is not clear. Not all are legal, but no one can prove it. This is the reason that very often the hunters, whose high seats are destroyed, do not file a criminal complaint against the unknown offenders.

Therefore, we can be happy if a hunting seat is destroyed. And if that’s 49, the more!
That is not forbidden!

My best regards, Venus


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  1. Bravo ! Ban hunting ! Hunters are harm plagiators ! Real hunters are feline, pirane, wolves , foxes etc, they hunt with own teeth and they immediately eat raw victim . humans are frugivores, Also hunting is not sport. This crimee must be banned, now.

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