Silk is not fine, is pain


Silk is an animal fiber that consists mainly of proteins. The material is made in small glands in the mouth of the silk spinner. The caterpillar wraps itself in and forms a protective cocoon around her body. Then she pupates and turns into a butterfly.

In 2014, about 178,000 tonnes of silk were produced worldwide – mostly in China, India or Uzbekistan. If you now realize that about 50,000 silkworms are killed for a silk dress, it’s worth taking a closer look.


How is silk made?

The silk moth is the main producer. More precisely, it is his larva. She is tiny shortly after birth and then eats the leaves of the mulberry tree in only four weeks (and four molts) 14 000 times her hatching weight.

She is fat like a finger before she starts pupating. Instead, it produces a thread in its oral glands, which consists of fibrin, a horn-like protein. She sticks it to sericin, a glue. First, she weaves a net between branches and blades of grass, anchoring her cocoon, which she spins out of a single thread that can be rolled out up to four kilometers long.


In this cocoon she rests – and normally after about 18 days a woolly white-haired butterfly would hatch. But this does not happen in the silk breeding, because when hatching, he would bite through the endless silk thread and tand break the thread, which no one silk collector wants. He wants the thread as a whole.

To prevent this, the cocoons, together with the living dolls, are exposed to dry in the sun or thrown into boiling water. You can watch how the animals crawl around in their cocoons and try to escape death.


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My comment: Silk is the only textile fiber for which live creatures must be killed in order to gain them, namely the caterpillars of the silk moth.
And I have no doubt that animals that find death in boiling water feel pain.
Whether they are lobsters, cocoon dolls or pigs.
They are enslaved, exploited, cooked alive because a two-legged animal wants to have his kimono from China silk.
It is high time we, the human animals, finally civilize ourselves.

My best regards to all, Venus


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