We live in a world of abundance


Overproduction is neither responsible use of food nor is it environmentally conscious!

About a third of all food produced worldwide is not consumed, but thrown away! And it does not just affect fruits and vegetables, but also meat!


It is well known that meat production has a huge impact on the environment and that high meat consumption can have harmful effects on human health.
State economic aid not only rewards the increase in meat production, but produces more than consumers buy.


Meat is thrown away before it even reaches the supermarket shelves! Food waste occurs throughout the entire production chain – and although it is known, production continues to be subsidized and food waste increases!


It is shameful that supermarket chains only want to reduce their food waste by 2030!
Why not stop this overproduction immediately? You should just delete the subsidies!

For example, Europe imports cheap fruits and vegetables, but also meat from other countries where it is produced cheaply, processes it and then exports it to distant countries at low prices and destroys the market there! Is not it sick?


For years containers with tangerines or tomatoes from China have been coming to Europe, landing in Dossen and being exported to Australia, for example!

We live in a world of abundance – with terrible consequences!




And I mean:  Nature dies of the criminal behavior of a species, the human species.

And every day, the population clock is ticking faster than the global collapse … today 200,000 more people, tomorrow 200,000 more people, the day after tomorrow 200,000 more people, the day after tomorrow … Until the last final chord!

The unrestrained growth of humanity is the root cause that permanently destroys the future of human being, animal being and nature.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. We are Eco-terrorists .Harm for all Earthlings and for their habitats, most devastating form of Terrorism.

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