Havasupai Trail: systemic horse and mule suffering


For years, eyewitnesses have reported the neglect and deaths of horses used for packing tourist gear along the Havasupai trail in the Grand Canyon. The latest complaint describes a dead horse simply discarded in the middle of the trail in August 2019.


New PETA eyewitness footage shows that this is systemic abuse. Animals were seen being forced to carry heavy loads up and down steep trails—at as much as a 19-degree incline—in all weather extremes, sometimes slipping and even reportedly falling over the edge.



PETA eyewitnesses saw horses whipped and mules slipping on the icy, muddy trail, and many animals were left sweating and panting from the arduous journey.



For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/09/12/havasupai-trail-systemic-horse-and-mule-suffering/

And I mean...If you are looking for adventure and want to explore nature, you have to move your ass yourself and carry your own baggage.

That will be some fat nature lovers do well anyway, because only so can burn some calories. Enjoy nature on suffering and blood of other beings is not a nature adventure, it is bloody sport! That means a sports variety for brain-sick and mentally weak proletarians.

My best regards to all, Venus


India: Frantic Mother Dog Helps Animal Aid Unlimited Rescuers Save Her Puppies !


This frantic mother dog’s love of her puppies has her digging with paws, biting at stones and tearing at the rubble to free her buried babies who are trapped after a house collapsed in the rain.

When Animal Aid’s rescuers arrived, they feared the puppies might not be alive, but their Mama must have been able to hear them or sense that they were still alive and she was determined to tell us so.

Every minute was precious and she seemed to realize that they could suffocate at any moment. You’ll never forget this incredible portrait of a blissful rescue and a mother’s unstoppable love.

For a mother, nothing is more important than the safety of her children.

Please donate: http://www.animalaidunlimited.org/don…


Urgent Appeal – Borneo Orangutan Facilities under threat from forest fires – please donate to help save these magnificent animals.


Urgent Appeal – Borneo Orangutan Facilities under threat from forest fires – please donate to help save these magnificent animals.