UN: The World Knows That Global Warming Is A Major Issue – Apart From Trump That Is.



UN: The World Knows That Global Warming Is A Major Issue – Apart from Trump, That Is.


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Meat logic



An  unvegan diet is an extreme deficiency diet.

Unlike Vegans, sufferers have to consume regularly animal corpse and gland secretions of cows to avoid severe deficiency symptoms.

#The conspecific


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Lebanon: with mafia methods against migratory birds



Report from “Committee against the bird murder e.V”.

War against train birds in Lebanon: In the first days of the large committee bird protection camp in Lebanon, our teams have already observed hundreds of hunters who, without regard to and in violation of the hunting law, have attacked everything within reach of their guns.


Not far from the city of Danniyeh in the north of the “Cedar State”, a committee team witnessed a true migratory bird massacre: Hunters had set up electronic decoys with goat-song singing during the night and shot at the birds with the help of giant spotlights.

Hundreds of shots were fired without the police intervening.

As dawn set in, we inspected the area and found dozens of dead birds – especially goat’s milkweed, scops owls and a short-toed eagle (see current photos).



One of the owls was still alive, but died shortly thereafter of their serious injuries. The committee and its partners SPNL have today called on the government to significantly expand its efforts against poaching to tackle this ecological catastrophe!



My comment: Every year tens of millions of migratory birds are killed.
In Lebanon, in Cyprus, in Malta … Exhausted from the journey that lies behind them, the birds there look for a shelter to rest. The murders exploit this moment and shoot the animals up close.

The result: Every year environmental activists read about 25 million empty cartridge cases.

German companies earn money with weapons and ammunition beautiful with.

Machismo culture plays an important role in poaching: men proudly pose in photographs with their trophies taken. The bigger the better. Many upload the pictures on social networks.


These crimes continue to take place with the help of an offender-friendly system and of course of a society that claims to be “tolerant”, which is nothing but cowardice openly to condemning these crimes.


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Switzerland: Funeral For A Glacier Lost To Global Warming.


Locals, hikers and environmental campaigners attended the "funeral march" for the Pizol glacier

A Swiss glacier lost to global warming has been commemorated at a memorial service in the Alps.

A woman takes part in a ceremony to mark the "death" of the Pizol glacier

People look at the Pizol glacier as they take part in a mourning ceremony

People take part in a funeral march for a glacier lost to global warming


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We’re Not Different In Any Important Way.


Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

Speciesism—like sexism, racism, and other forms of discrimination—is an oppressive belief system in which those with power draw boundaries to justify using or excluding their fellow beings who are less powerful. A human supremacist line of “reasoning” is used to defend treating other living, feeling beings like research tools, fabric, toys, or even food ingredients—even though they share our capacity for pain, hunger, fear, thirst, love, joy, and loneliness and have as much interest in freedom and staying alive as humans do.

From childhood, most humans are conditioned to view certain species as worthy of care and compassion and others as less important or unworthy—based on arbitrary human preferences. This toxic view also leads humans to draw groundless distinctions between animal species based on the worth of those animals to them. Consider the following examples:

  • Animals are often referred to as property. Many humans call themselves an animal’s “owner” and refer to the animal as “it,” as if he or she were an inanimate object like a table or a chair.

  • Most humans wouldn’t dream of keeping their dog in a cramped, crowded warehouse on a slab of filthy concrete, which is the way pigs are treated in the food industry—even though pigs are able to experience the same pain, joy, fear, and misery that dogs can.

  • Some people wear coats trimmed with fur from coyotes or stuffed with feathers pulled from a screaming goose, but most of them would never consider tearing fistfuls of fur out of a crying kitten’s back with their own hands.

  • Many people judge other cultures for eating dogs or poaching wildlife while willfully turning a blind eye to their own cruel habits—as if eating other animals or hunting deer were any different.

It’s speciesist to believe that the differences between humans and other animals are enough to warrant torturing and killing those we don’t relate to. It’s speciesist to think that we are superior and are therefore somehow justified in raping, caging, and mutilating animals who don’t look exactly like us. It’s speciesist to exploit others because we don’t understand them fully or at all, to assume that they’re not as intelligent as we are when we measure their intelligence in human terms, and to dismiss their suffering because it benefits us.

Whether we have feathers or fur, skin or scales, we’re all able to experience complex feelings such as love, sadness, pain, and joy and we all have a will to live—these things are not unique to humans. Consider these examples:

  • Elephants and chimpanzees will mourn and shed tears if a member of their family dies.

  • Mother cows will walk for miles to find their stolen babies.

  • Many orcas stay with their families for life in the oceans.

  • Rats willingly put themselves in harm’s way to save others.

  • Fish like physical contact with other fish and often gently rub against one another—in the same way that a cat weaves in and out of your legs.

Help end speciesism by pledging to recognize that animals are not ours to use or abuse and that all living, feeling beings deserve to be treated with respect and compassion.


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