Italy: a tragedy that was not one


Today I read the following message on news portal t-online: “Tragic accident in Italy: man shoots his own father in boar hunting”!!



Fatal accident in Italy: In the hunt for a wild boar, a 34-year-old accidentally shot his father in the stomach. The man died at the scene of the accident.


A son in Italy shot his father hunting wild boar. The 34-year-old man is accused of negligent homicide, reported Italian news agencies, citing the investigative authorities. The two men were on the weekend in southern Sicignano degli Alburni at Salerno on the hunt.

The 55-year-old father was in the line of fire of his son. The son confused his father, who had rustled in bushes, with a wild boar. The shot had hit the father in the stomach, the man had died on the spot.

Both were said to have been traveling in an area where the hunt is actually prohibited, it said in the reports.



Again and again it comes in Italy to fatal accidents in the hunt.

The Animal Welfare Officer and former Tourism Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla called for an “end to the Wild West in the woods and in the fields”.

And I mean…Of course, any accident involving human victims in hunting is called a tragedy.
And if the hunter had shot the boar?
And if the animal also had a family, a mother, or a fatter, or children?
That would not be a tragedy, that would be hunting!

Such messages are always portrayed in such a way that a philanthropic pity should arise. Automatically.
And those who do not feel pity for these murderers, when they fall victim to it themselves and out of their own guilt, are degraded to being a misanthrope.
Also automatically.

The moral education of our society forbids a just moral analogy between human and animal species.

Alone the wording of the message: “tragedy in Italy” is already propaganda against animals.

My best regards to all, Venus