Animal experiments: we send the animals into the hell


Live pigs killed and mangled, as scientists in China use them as crash-test dummies.



Beijing. Animal rights activists criticize several scientists of the Chinese Institute of Transport and Medicine, who have performed crash tests with live pigs.

The scientists used 15 young pigs, because their physique resembles that of a six-year-old child. Their study aimed to further investigate which injuries occur in children who are wearing a seatbelt and experiencing a head-on collision.

The seven scientists are said to have given the pigs 24 hours before the crash tests no food. In addition, they could not drink for six hours, according to information from The Independent.

Then they were each in a child seat, which were mounted on sledges, strapped.

With 50 kilometers per hour they drove against a wall.


According to media information, seven pigs have died. Another eight were injured.

In most cases, the lungs were damaged, and there were injuries to the spleen and liver, bloody wounds, internal bleeding and broken bones.

The Chinese scientists said they used young pigs to develop seatbelts for children because the animals’ anatomic structure was similar to that of human six-year-olds, and hinted they might conduct similar experiments in future. 

The research, reported in the International Journal of Crashworthiness, involved testing three different seatbelt modifications: two parallel belts restraining chest and abdomen; one diagonal belt and a lap belt; and crossed diagonal belts.


The animals, which were given an anaesthetic to reduce “excitement and stress”, had electrodes inserted into their abdomens, according to animal-rights group PETA

“The injuries sustained by the tested subjects resulted in seven deaths. The common injury types included abrasion, contusion, laceration, bleeding and fracture,” the journal’s report said.

The animal welfare organization PETA has condemned as “barbaric” the tests that left the animals “bloody, bruised, and mangled” and have asked the Chinese research institute to refrain from such cruel crash tests with live animals. “No regulations exist there that would require such horrific experiments to be performed,” PETA said.

In the USA, crash tests with pigs were last carried out in the 1990s.

Chris Magee, of the UK-based Understanding Animal Research group, told The Independent he couldn’t imagine such tests being useful in any country as lots of crash-test dummies already exist.

“I don’t understand why they would feel the need to do this. In this country it would go through an ethical review,” he said.

My comment: It may be that in China there are no rules and regulations regarding animal experiments.

But here in Germany, where we have set a humorous animal protection, animal cruelty in the labs is also everyday business.

The last undercover investigations from the LPT in Hamburg prove that (

“I do not understand why they think that’s necessary,” said Chris Magee.

But he should know that animal experiments in general are not performed for the benefit of humans.
The quality of “research” is not measured by how many people are helped or even cured, but by the number of publications in prestigious journals.

In this case the proof is very clear: before the test is even completed, the “results” will be published in ” International Journal of Crashworthiness”!!

And as with any experiment, a lot of animals have been tortured in this experiment too, so that some psychopaths can secure their careers and the next research funds.



My best regards to all, Venus


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