World Vegan Day



We reject the distinction between humans and animals.
We even consider it as dangerous.
For us, every living being has the right to freedom, life and happiness.
Not to eat animals, not to carry them, not to enslave them is not a religion’s motto.
It is a moral duty.
Who eats animals and their products, gives the order of a murder.
It’s called food, we call it murder. We, the vegans!


We know that humanity is still a long way from understanding and accepting that.
But we firmly believe this idea grows with each passing day, we are already many.
And that’s why we do not give up.
That’s what we owe our mandates.
We remain faithful to them and continue to fight for the abolition of exploitation and slavery of all nonhuman animals.

My best regards, Venus

Germany: the “pig baron” receives a suspended prison sentence


For the first time in Germany, a pet owner has been legally convicted of animal cruelty to a prison sentence, albeit on probation. The groundbreaking verdict was already in July in the court, as the police in Magdeburg (Saxony Anhalt state) announced on Tuesday.


It is the well-known 64-year-old mass pig farmers and Dutchman Adrianus Straathof, the owner of the largest pork companies in Europe.


Maladministration in pig fattening: Imprisoned for the first time for animal cruelty

In all previous cases, which are final and thus no longer contestable, animal tormentors were fined or fined.

“There is such a judgment in the history of livestock farming for the first time,” said Criminal Affairs Commissioner Annett Bormann, who led the investigation.

Straathof is penalized for the conditions that were identified in March 2014 at his pig farm in Gladau (Jerichower country). At that time 12,000 sows and 40,000 piglets lived there.

For three days, the police raided the six-acre facility and business premises, with 60 forces in action.


In 2014, the county of Jerichower Land pronounced a prohibition of occupational practice against Straathof. The breeder had to withdraw from the management of his holding company.

However, according to the animal rights organization Animal Rights Watch (who also did the undercover investigations), his company continues to operate breeding facilities in the region under a different name.



The officials found that almost all sows were crammed into too narrow crates. More than 1200 animals and their metal boxes were measured. The result: 93 percent of the stands were a maximum of 72 inches wide.

However, 98 percent of the sows measured a height of 74 centimeters and more. This made it impossible for them to stretch out on their side.



In addition, many animals had been ill, reported the police. In 871 sows and 133 piglets one had abscesses, open wounds, organ prolapses, dents, infections, lameness or behavioral problems noted. “In the documents, however, we have found no evidence of planned medical treatments,” said Criminal Chief Commissioner Bormann.

The animal rights organization Animal Rights Watch (ARIWA) called the verdict “welcome”. So far, the pet industry has been “a law-free area,” said spokeswoman Sandra Franz.

However, the current rules on pig fattening are not sufficient. “The animals are taken in the narrow stables everything that makes up their lives.” Straathof is not the black sheep, but a typical representative of the industry.

On the video below are undercover shootings from three Straathof pig factories: they come from Alt Tellin, Drebkau and Osterne and are recorded between 2014 – 2015.


My comment: Germany is a paradise for those who use and torture animals industrially. Authorities do not control, investors are welcomed with open arms because of promises for jobs and taxes. How much the animals suffer in the pig farms, show the images in Straathof`s pig farms, taken by Animal Rights Watch on Straathof’s pig farms.

Of course Straathof is not the exception, but the rule. And that’s our proble! the rule of torture, the legalization of torture, which is used as a normal practice despite animal welfare.

The verdict can be understood as a message to other public prosecutors and courts to finally take seriously the protection enshrined in the Basic Law seriously and to pursue violations.

The real crimes are, however, in the system itself.

Pig breeding and pig fattening are unimaginably cruel even without violating the law.

My best regards to all, Venus