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South Africa: Taking action to stop Live Export – the latest news here.


South Africa: Taking action to stop Live Export – the latest news here.

Read more from SA at:


Viet Nam – Animals Asia drawing competition highlights attention to bloody animal festivals.

Viet Nam – Animals Asia drawing competition highlights attention to bloody animal festivals.

Some great news and to see that the young are regarding animals so differently – sentient beings that deserve our protection.

Read it all and watch the videos at:

England: A Man Amongst Wolves.


England: A Man Amongst Wolves.

Watch the amazing video of the man who dedicated his life to protecting wolves – by becoming the Alpha Male with a pack he decided to live with.

Watch the video at:

The other Christmas story!



At these time, Christmas time, it was a bid from the meat lobby that meat must be subsidized so everyone can afford it.

Advent used to have the character of a Lent, but now it is the time when supermarkets and discounters offer cheap meat, including the “Christmas goose”.
So the traders made their way from Germany, to the country, that is called Poland, so that they should find cheap geese there.


The EU had fed Poland with billions of euros to produce cheap poultry meat.
And when the merchants were there, the time came for the geese to be slaughtered.

The geese looked terrible, the feathers had been plucked alive for down jackets, and hoses had been stuffed into their beaks to produce a magnificent goose liver, also known as foie gras.


They got a place in a stable where they were prepared for the well-traveled traders.
When the geese were slaughtered by modern slaves, they were also packaged in plastic by modern slaves.

Then they were frozen by truck as a special offer under 10 euros in the many shops and landed, where consumers waited pleasurably!


And the angel said to them, “Fear not! Behold, I proclaim to you great joy that will befall all the people; because you were given cheap geese.
Their downs ended up in down jackets and their liver was sold as foie gras. In addition, you still get dangerous germs incl. ”


And everyone was happy, but they did not see the unspeakable suffering of the geese – only cheap it had to be.
And when you’ve read this Christmas story, spread the word these geese have written to you.


From the Blog:

And I mean…Until the last useful idiot of our society realizes that consuming meat and animal products is a crime against animals, the animals are still treated like slaves, and especially at Christmas time, when everyone wants to produce himself as a good guy and out of religious duty wants to decorate the festival of love with abundant animal blood.

Oh! Human beings, this disgusting pack!

How can the slaughter, the maltreatment of millions of innocent animals, be combined with love, humanity and peace in Christmas?

That alone, provides us with the justification why religions should be banned: they have brought the evil into this world.

My best regards to all, Venus