Don`t be an asshole and despise Lucy Jaine


Hunters like to claim that they don’t get perverse pleasure out of killing, but these “sexy” hunting photos strongly suggest otherwise. Lucy Jaine, a hunter from New Zealand, seemingly enjoys killing animals and then posing for provocative photo shoots with their dead bodies, often with their blood smeared on her.


Jaine and her partner say that they go hunting five to eight times a month and take their three young children. They commonly kill pigs, deer, chamois, tahrs, goats, rabbits, and wallabies before she apparently strips down for bloody, nearly naked photo sessions.



The couple appears to use dogs as if they were mere hunting tools and frequently shoots animals but will also stab them to death. “If it’s a pig hunt, we bring the dogs and when we get to the spot we collar them up and follow them in,” she said. “We then stick the pig or shoot it, gut it then carry it out.”

It certainly doesn’t appear that she hunts because of some absurd sophistry about not wanting animals to suffer. All the evidence suggests that she does so for the same reason all hunters do: She enjoys killing. And she clearly enjoys attention.

And I mean: Both the serial killer and the violent hunter think he’s involved in something important. Conspicuously, brain anomalies are detected in serial killers.
Violence leaves traces in the brain after a short time.

It’s time for us to recognize hobby hunting as what it really is: a pastime for psychopaths with low moral hygiene.

My best regards to all, Venus


Greece: Donkeys continue to be abused as taxis


PETA’s motto is in part: animals are not there to entertain us or exploit them in any other way.


A video released today by PETA shows that donkeys and mules are still abused on the Greek holiday island Santorin as “donkey taxis”.

Although the Greek Ministry of Rural Development banned rides -after PETA’s appeal- last year for tourists weighing over 100 kilograms, the animals still have to carry some heavyweight people.

Despite international protests, media reports and publications, the holiday island still sticks to its “animal tradition”. The four-legged animals are often brutally beaten with sticks and maltreated by inexperienced riders.



On the pictures from September this year, it can be seen that some animals – sometimes driven by whistle-blowers by the donkey guides – stumble and thus also become a danger for walkers; in part, tourists fled to wall projections to avoid them.

The animal rights organization is now calling on the responsible Greek politicians with an online petition to prohibit tourist donkey riding altogether.



“In Firá exhausted donkeys and mules with bloody wounds are still driven up and down the steep, slippery steps from morning to night. But even for humans, this stupid tourist attraction is dangerous: Again and again, strollers were pushed aside, and also PETA’s eyewitness had to avoid the partly unattended animals several times, so as not to be injured.

We appeal to the legislator to act responsibly and finally ban these ride.said Sylvie Bunz, Special Project Manager at PETA.



Peta also criticized that the donkeys on Santorini do not rest even at night: they are used early in the morning to carry heavy garbage bags.
This is also recorded on the video-recordings.

Worst of all, if the donkeys are too weak and no longer fit, they are often abandoned and left to their own devices.



Background information

The animal rights organization revealed already in 2018 (we also reported about that: the abuses of the supposed tourist attraction.

Although the ascent with the cable car is possible, about a year later several hundred donkeys and mules need to be taken several times a day suffer with stupid tourists on their backs who have to overcome more than 500 steps to the city of Firá.


Although the Greek Ministry set a weight limit, PETA’s new research shows that the donkey leaders do not abide by the scheme and that there are no controls.

n addition, many tourists are visibly overwhelmed with the animals: they rammed their heels into their flanks to make them go, or they pull down the stairs.



Bad saddles and provisional girths made of plastic hoses scrub on the sensitive skin of donkeys and mules. Most of the animals have skin lesions ranging from sores to open, bloody wounds under the abdomen and at the tail. Some quadrupeds have eye injuries.

Others put on tight “muzzles” that cause injury to humans and animals through pointed wire ends.


While the animals persevere in the Mediterranean sun and have to wait for the next tour, the owners refuse to give them essential items such as water, shade or weather protection.



The Europe-wide renowned horse expert and non-fiction author Ingolf Bender wrote for PETA an “animal welfare expert opinion” on the problem; He criticizes the consistently poor equipment and considers it as “gross animal welfare” to use the animals for several hours without food and water.
“We appeal to all travelers to distance themselves from supposed attractions with animals and to make their journey animal-friendly,” said Bender.


Santorini: The donkeys have open wounds where flies settle


In contrast to horses, signs of pain, anxiety or illness in donkeys are difficult to recognize. When faced with a potential danger, root their feet on the ground to analyze the situation.
Often, this behavior is considered “stubbornness,” although donkeys are in fact simply scared at such moments.

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My comment: What did the greek government expect?
That donkey riders weigh the fat tourists before they get on the animals?

Or that the pet traders are waived on a taxi round for a monster body, if no one controls them?
This law was so incomplete and offered many tricks and shorts right from the start, so that only one who has never been to Greece would believe it could work.

Animals as a tourist attraction – which country does not have it? a pure torture!

The dirty media network
is full of photos with “nostalgic” animal memories, but the truth behind the beautiful pictures is cruel: Animals are chained, penned, maltreated, hunted and – if not useful – killed.


please turn around: donkey on monster woman!

My best regards to all, Venus