Emilia Romagna: torture, sadism, extermination in chicken farm


An investigator of Essere Animali has worked undercover in several farms owned by a large farm in Emilia Romagna and, with a hidden camera, has filmed brutal mistreatment of animals and evidence of ongoing food fraud.

The farm, against which we have filed a complaint, supplies well-known brands of eggs that are commonly found in supermarkets.


To be dramatic, however, are not only the images of the violence of the operators, but also the scenes that show thousands of hens locked up in sheds without the possibility of ever seeing grass and sunlight.

We show you what our investigator saw through two videos, one that documents the “ground” breeding and another, which you find by scrolling the page, the “caged” page.



From these two types of farming, permitted by law and widespread in Italy, almost all of the eggs we eat come directly or in ready-made products such as pasta and desserts.

This does not mean that we are part of the problem, but on the contrary, we can be the solution, opting for conscious food choices!


During loading and transport, the hens are thrown, kicked and thrown into the cages. Several times they suffer these brutalities, when they are moved, for logistic reasons, from one shed to another and when they are sent, still very young, to the slaughterhouse.


Many hens do not resist abuse and intensive farming conditions, they get sick but are not treated. They die of starvation inside the shed or are brutally killed by the staff.


The law allows nine chickens to be raised to one square meter and mutilate the tip of the snake to prevent them from killing each other. In these conditions, however, they suffer from plumophagia, a disease that leads them to tear their feathers at themselves or their companions.



A farm worker is filmed while claiming that mice eat eggs for human consumption and nest where they are harvested before being sold to consumers.

The investigator of Essere Animali also worked under cover in a shed on the same farm where the hens are locked up in a cage.

With the hidden camera he filmed further maltreatment of the operators against the animals and documented the most common type of breeding in our country.

More than half of the eggs produced in Italy come from hens in cages, where they spend their entire lives without even being able to spread their wings.


By law, farm personnel should ensure the welfare of the animals so as not to cause them unnecessary pain or injury. The hens should be carefully taken for the legs and the chest, but in this breeding they are brutally grasped and thrown into the cages. A treatment that can cause injury, bone fractures and even death.


After a hasty diagnosis, wounded hens are still thrown alive in mounds of corpses or beaten to death.

The law allows the emergency slaughter of a sick animal, but must be carried out by people with adequate training, so as not to cause avoidable suffering to the animals.

The images obtained with a hidden camera show hens dying after long minutes of agony.



In a cage, each hen has a living space that is slightly larger than a photocopy sheet. As on the farms on the ground they undergo the beating and suffer from plumophagia and anemia.

Continuous contact with the metal mesh floor causes joint problems. Every day dozens of hens do not survive and die inside the farm.


“Death in the feces, trapped in conveyor belts or, as the vet says, heartache.

The bare necks, scratched by the iron of the poles, which carry the feathers every time they have to eat or breathe.

The pain, the voices of those who ask for freedom and no one answers, have come into my head.

Regardless of the volume, the pictures I’ve collected, these animal voices still make me tremble as if I’m still there”.
(Marco, our investigator)


https://www.essereanimali.org/galline… (Videos)


My comment: Pictures that we all know. Images of horror.

What is striking, however, is the severity of violence, sadism, the criminal energy of farm workers.

Over the years, this becomes the rule, today almost no one is being punished. Governments, politicians, authorities protect this … the men in the barracks have nothing to fear.

And so we learn every day, thanks to these undercover videos, that fascism, torture, extermination in the concentration camp for animals of this world is almost legalized, as in the time of Hitler.

Only that in this time the information level was not as high as today and nobody knew exactly, which tortures they did to the people in Dachau.

Today, NOBODY can say, I do not know exactly how the inmates in the animal factories suffer.I am not informed that animals are tortured at will, sadistically slaughtered.


And that is what makes the human species the most hypocritical, abhorrent species on this planet: apathy

Best regards to all, Venus