The Dachau of “East Fork Farms”


October, 2019

Indiana State Police officials have been asked to investigate after an undercover video shared Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows animal abuse and potentially unhealthy conditions the group says was taken at an Indiana pig farm.

The graphic video was shared via PETA’s YouTube page early Wednesday, and the description says the footage was captured at East Fork Farms outside of Brownstown in Jackson County.

The three-and-a-half minute clip is extremely graphic and shows pigs and piglets being thrown by farm staff members, swimming in pools of feces and hobbling in pain from visible injury.



The video also shows rotting pig carcasses and areas teeming with maggots. Viewer discretion is advised.

IndyStar’s attempts to reach East Fork Farms representatives have been unsuccessful. All numbers associated with the farm and its owners are no longer in service, and direct messages to individuals listed as the owners in state business filings have not been answered.

Dan Paden, vice president of evidence analysis for PETA, said the video was sent in by an anonymous whistleblower in September. PETA officials submitted a complaint to the Indiana State Police Versailles district Wednesday morning, Paden said.

“We’re asking (police) to visit the farm with a pig veterinarian and ensure that any sick and injured animals who may be in need of veterinary care or a painless release from that suffering are given the care that they require,” Paden said.

Fair Oaks Farms: Another infamous incident in Indiana

PETA is also asking that criminal charges be filed if investigators find anything at the farm that warrants it.

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles confirmed that the complaint was sent to the ISP via email, and police are determining how to proceed.

In the complaint, directed to ISP Commander Lt. Paul A. Adams, PETA officials detail the abuse in the video and how they believe it violates Indiana’s anti-cruelty statutes.

Paden said PETA does not know the relationship between the person who captured the footage and East Fork Farms.

“We’re focused more on exposing the cruelty that they found. Not them and how they obtained the footage,” Paden said.

Paden told a reporter with the Louisville Courier Journal that PETA had not contacted the farm’s owners. “The farm’s on-site management is well aware of the pervasive and persistent filth and suffering shown on this video,” Paden said. “They’ve permitted all this and more to occur on their watch.”

PETA is also urging the JBS USA, the food company that operates a pork processing plant in Louisville, to no longer accept and slaughter pigs provided to them by East Fork Farms. IndyStar has reached out to JBS USA for comment.

My comment: Slaughterhouses and farm operation is a system of exploitation of the weaks, of the slaves of this world, it is the legalized fascism against animals.

We all who fight against this system know that even worse than the suffering of animals is the tragic fact that eliminating this system is not easy.

And certainly not today and not tomorrow.

As far as the power of the meat industry is concerned, I am firmly convinced that this ruling totalitarian system is very resistant and even dirty.

The meat industry’s dirtiest strategy is to convince consumers by propaganda that eating meat in a democracy is everyone’s right. And so the privatization of the matter relieves the contributors in this system.

None of us knows how to make the abolition of slaughterhouses possible.
But those with many years of experience in the field know that only a strong struggle can change that suffering and misery.

One who does not stop, one who works purposefully.

A struggle that consists of massive pressure on politicians, the media, the authorities, while at the same time providing education and information for the society.
And there is nothing left to do but fight. Because we know …

“Whoever fights can lose
Who does not fight has already lost”

My best regards to all, Venus


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