UK: slaughterhouse of horrors


Today, Animal Equality UK released a new investigation filmed inside a sheep slaughterhouse. The disturbing recordings, filmed during July and August 2019 at “Farmers Fresh Wales” slaughterhouse in Wrexham, North Wales, detail unimaginable cruelty and immense suffering.

Farmers Fresh Wales supplies customers in London and across the Midlands, as well as continental Europe.


THE DETAILS: The horrifying footage, filmed by one of our undercover investigators, reveals sheep and lambs brutally killed in front of each other and the use of inadequate machinery, which results in animals becoming painfully trapped. Much of this suffering took place with a Food Standards Agency inspector present. Our investigators also found:



Sheep being decapitated while hanging in mid-air, their severed heads discarded in full view of animals awaiting slaughter;
Sheep suspended upside down from a conveyor belt being killed in view of other animals;



WHAT COMES NEXT: We are calling on the Welsh Government to make CCTV mandatory in all slaughterhouses (as is already the case in England).

We are also urging MPs across the UK to reinstate a law that was previously in place – and inexplicably revoked – to prevent animals from seeing other animals killed in front of them (given the immense psychological suffering that this causes).

The Food Standards Agency must also take immediate action against “Farmers Fresh Wales” and their own officer who failed in his duties.

Also, please sign our petition ( demanding justice for these vulnerable animals, and help us spread the word about this unimaginable cruelty by sharing this post. Thank you!

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My comment: At the same time, the same organization filmed slaughterhouses in Mexico.

The practices are hardly different; Brutality, primitiveness and last but not least: illegality.

Essentially, factory farming is a state illegality generated by corrupt politicians, agrarian lobbyists.
And of an infantile society that lies to itself, that one can not do anything about it.

One knows statements like: “I can not look at that, because then the desire for meat goes by and I do not want to eat it then.” But: “I should know where it comes from, if I pay and eat it, right?”

When such images come to light, the fascistically constructed moral system also comes to light: consumers say they can not change the conditions of production; the meat mafia says people want to buy their meat as cheaply as possible. And the corrupt politicians do not want to deal with either one or the other.

What’s left back are the animals that are treated like soulless, callous things, factory-born, the yield objects, the Things, and the part that no longer belongs to us, such as morality, respect, and dignity before life.

We swapped all three for the promise of unscrupulous meat producers who tell us, that there is no other way than to make meat like shit, and and so we all let the business go.

Please sign the petition:

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. We have seen enough horror that even the dumbest among us understand it, and now it is time to go directly to the release of animals.

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