Spain: animal tormentors run amok



Tonight, like every year, this time on the second weekend of November, pitch balls were stuck to the horns of a bull and set on fire: ‘Toro de Fuego’ is called the burning bull in this way.

In Medinaceli (Spain) a bull will be dragged again with a rope tied in the antlers and chased by a crowd that will surround it to set fire to the metal frame placed on its horns, inches from its face. He will not escape, panic will take over him.



The terror that the animal will feel is indescribable. Try to put out the fire with sudden movements, which can cause serious injuries and even to death.

Due to the fire and heat the mud that covers his face will be released and the sparks of the burning teas will burn his head, the spine and the eyes.



The animal is in pain and runs in panic through the arena, then out onto the streets. In desperation, the bull wants to extinguish the fire and bounces his head against house walls or lanterns.

If he does not die, his fur, his eyes or his horns will burn. Because pitch can not simply be erased: it is a sticky lump of tar or turpentine. The brutal scenes you see in the video.


And I meant…As in ancient Rome, when human sacrifices were offered to the lions as combat objects, the veteran bullfighting mafia provides a bloody spectacle for primitive, asocial, and mentally frail proletarians with the justification of tradition.

The mob wants blood: psychopaths, sadists, and horny tourists clap and roar around the victim during it trys to be free from his painful suffering.

The difference is only the animal species, the crime remains the same.

It’s not just a crime against a defenseless animal.
In the end, the bull is not killed by the fire, but by the cruelty of the executioners, by the madness of those who have given them the power to do it, and by a society that makes it possible because it is silent.

My best regards to all, Venus


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