Germany: and the crosses of “Farmer Willi”!


Suddenly they were there! The green crosses of wood, covered with white signs. But what is behind it?

On 4 September 2019, the State Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner and Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze have decided, inter alia, that the cancer weed killer glyphosate from 2024 completely, and particularly harmful pesticides in most nature reserves will be already banned.

The insect killing is to be contained with it.

The farmers should also create retreat areas for insects, the federal government wants to identify more biotopes. With 100 million euros, research on insect repellent is to be supported.


Even the controversial animal welfare label will come.
In addition, more agricultural subsidies, which have so far been paid mainly for the simple possession of land, should finance environmental projects by farmers, for example.

The farmers have organized a rebellion under the “Farmer Willi”.



Currently, the “farmer Willi” calls all farmers to protest with green wooden crosses in their fields against the “agricultural package” of the Federal Government.

But in his statements he often advocates the interests of agrochemical companies such as Bayer AG.

“Bayer / Monsanto, Syngenta, Gene-Lobby & Co. see their profit interests by the “agricultural package” massively endangered, but psychologically clever as they are, do not act on their own, but send targeted “farmer Willi, the small farmers & rural women “ before.

Behind the ridiculous crosses is actually a nationwide campaign.. “Protect the farmers by a yes to the poison and factory farming”.

Similar PR actions and the enormous power of the agricultural lobby in the past have led to massive groundwater problems with nitrate in Germany.

The farmers say, “The package is” so closely tied up “that it takes away the air of many companies to breathe.

In agriculture, this would result in a significant land loss of many areas, and the use of many resources should be massively reduced. This is an encroachment on our property values, as areas would be worthless and could no longer be used for food production.
Furthermore, there is a high risk of “falling yields” and threatens a decline in regional products.

At last, a high price for an animal welfare indicator, in view of the many already existing labels on the market, no one needs more “!!



And we say: In reality, it’s the other way around:
If the soil continues to be poisoned,
the insects continue to die,
the groundwater continues to be contaminated
and our food continues to deteriorate,
then our diet will destroy our lives.

So we see the crosses in the fields as a symbol of death, exploitation, and destruction of the animal and nature world.
And we consider this abuse of Christian symbols for poison, glyphosate and factory farming not only ridiculous, but a sign of farmer primitiveness.

My best regards to all, Venus


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