UK: General Election 12/12/19 – Making Animals Matter.


The UK has a General Election on 12/12/19. Some political parties are moving in the direction of bettering animal welfare policies; others ‘talk the talk’ about the issue, but in fact are just making it something for the Manifesto in an attempt to lure additional votes.

The ‘Liberal Democrat’ Party Manifesto; which outlines their policies if elected to government; mentions nothing about banning the live transport of animals; in fact, as they are pro remain for the EU, they are basically doing what the EU wishes; which is for them to keep quiet on the issue, and allow the abusive trade to continue.

So, especially regarding the incident in Romania last weekend; it was time for us to let the Liberal Democrats know what we felt about their attitude to animal welfare. Mark penned the following to them, in advance of the election on 12th December.

No party has all the perfect policies for improving animal welfare, and some promise just about everything with the knowledge that they will never be elected into government anyway – so with that in mind we guess they can promise that everything changes !


UK voters will naturally vote with their own feelings and intentions about what can be dome. Here is a copy of Mark’s letter to the Liberal Democrats, giving them our opinion of their approach to animal welfare:

Dear all;

            Maybe it is best to start with a video (second link below) which you can see from the website run by Venus and myself: it reflects actual footage of the 14,600 EU sheep which drowned ibn Romania last weekend thanks to EU policies of lack of controls.


We have a General Election in the UK in just a few weeks. With regard Europe; your very favourite subject, which Jo Swinson continually bleats on about all the time, I note in your Election Manifesto that there is nothing at all about your party calling for an end to live animal transport within the UK, or even Europe.

Strange, coming from a political party which claims to be pro animal welfare and so pro EU. EU citizens have made it more than clear that they want a ban on live animal transport; and recently they signed a petition which gained well over 1 Million signatures calling for an 8 hour maximum journey time. The Conservatives listened to what people asked, EU Parliament representatives in Brussels supported this to a degree, but the all mighty, non elected Commissioners said ‘No’, and so ‘no’ it remained. So one has to ask; what is the point of MEP’s when they do not get laws enforced in Europe or hold the EU Commissions to do what the people ask ?; instead we witness an EU which is solely run by huge lobbyists in the meat mafia industry, and others such as Bayer / Monsanto. Unfortunately, the words ‘animal welfare’ are just weasel words put out to pretend that the caring Europe is doing things – when in reality, it does virtually nothing.

Despite all the terrible practices given in the above link, thanks to the EU, we continue to see rust bucket vessels, crewed only by the cheapest labour the exporters can get, crewing vessels registered in the far outposts of the planet, allegedly complying with standards defined in EU Regulation 1/2005 which allegedly gives ‘protection’ to animals being transported within Europe. Nobody is asking why ships are crewed by Syrians (not really known for their welfare concerns), why they are registered in islands dotted in the Pacific, or why they continue to operate after 40 years, when they should have been sent to the scrapyard years ago !

Ask the 14,600 sheep (yes, Fourteen thousand six hundred) animals which drowned last weekend off Midia port, Romania (yes, an EU member state of yours Ms Swinson) if the EU gave a toss about their ‘welfare’ ? – if they could speak before their deaths, I think the response would be a resounding ‘NO’. The vessel was overloaded, and nobody in authority gave a shit.

The EU (as a hole) is an almighty joke, the MEP’s who allegedly ‘represent’ us have about as much effect with the Commissions as a chocolate fireman; the result is, nothing ever changes. We go on and on; with highly paid EU legislators trying to invent words and PR’s which make it seem as if progress is being made. Take it from us, there is no progress at the EU when it comes to animal welfare; animals are still crammed into intensive cage systems, migratory birds are still blown out of the sky in Malta and Cyprus as they make their wonderful natural air voyages to places of sanctuary such as here in the UK, and stray dogs and cats continue to reproduce, and be killed by authorities who regard them as pests, because the EU comes up with no legislation to force member states to sterilise rather than kill. Instead we witness highly paid MEP’s sit at their regular coffee mornings, sometimes turn up at the Parliament to vote for legislation which is never implemented, such as I say above, with the maximum 8 hour journey limit being prime example.

And we are supposed to put our trust in you ? – So, now, General Election time in the UK. Given the utter rubbish which is the EU and the people who are voted in by the national electorates to hopefully get changes done, we, in our organisation have no choice but to inform people NOT to support the Liberal Democrats. Your manifesto pledges for animal welfare are a joke, (you say nothing about live animal transport) and if your UK pledges are anything like the ‘progress’ made for animal welfare within the EU, the EU which you continually praise and go on about, then we can all sleep safe knowing that the Liberal Democrats will in reality ‘do nothing’, not giving a toss about the welfare of animals either in the UK or in the EU. This ‘no progress’ policy is reflected in the productive strides made for better animal transport within the EU, which amounts to nothing ! – if pigs could fly !

This letter will be reproduced on our site, giving worldwide (and UK) visitors and voters our views on what the Liberal Democrats intend do for ‘animal welfare’. People can read our views and then as always in elections, make their choices. I think we can safely say that animal welfare is not on your list of priorities; where as revoking Article 50 to stay in the useless club is.

Ms Swinson wants to remain in the EU, but at least the Conservatives will set a precedent within Europe and ban live animal transport from the UK. They have spoken about it and animal welfare in general; even outside No 10 when Boris was elected and doing his speech. What do we ever hear from Lib Dems ? – EU, EU and more EU.

For us at WAV, that is 14,600 (now drowned) reasons to support another political party rather than the Liberal Democrats. We want action and we want it now; not just weasel words from politicians that may as well go directly into the rubbish bin.


Dutch MEP Anja Hazenkamp appears to be the only MEP who really has the guts to get up and get away from Brussels and actually visit the places (such as Midia, Romania) to support animal transport issues. Ports such as Midia where live animals are exported from simply as by product financial gifts for exporters which the EU does nothing about regarding monitoring what goes on; for this she (Anja) earns our utmost respect, unlike all the others from Brussels who only ‘talk the talk’ but do little in reality.



Mark Johnson

Co Founder – ‘World Animals Voice’ –

Kent, England.


Making Animals Matter



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