Good news: Bogner will soon be fur-free!!



German Animal Protection Office (Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e.V) .

Fantastic !!!. December 19 at 11:42



👉We are celebrating a great SUCCESS at the end of the year: 🎉BOGNER is FUR FREE!

After a long campaign and many intensive discussions, we were finally able to convince Bogner to get out of the fur business✊🦊

The exit from the fur business will be gradual. Fur will no longer be sold in its own Bogner stores and in Germany by the winter of 2021/2022.
The fashion company worldwide will completely exit by the winter of 2022/2023.


PS: We are aware that it will take a while until 2022/23, but this decision is a success because it will also put pressure on other fashion companies to finally become fur-free and pave the way for a fur-free future.
For example, last year we managed to get the Breuninger fashion chain to exit the fur business.

You can find more about this and the campaign at:


Sorry! that’s still part of coat!


My comment: Yes! I still remember the campaign against Breuninger fashion chain, I participated in this campaign.

Only those who have the experience with such street actions know how annoying it is to discuss with the people who wear fur and still come to provoke.

They don`t want to learn anything new, they are not even curious about the photos of the bloodied carcass animals from the fur farms ..They justify their crimes with every stupid and cheeky argument that can be imagined.

But we won at that time! Breuninger became fur-free! that’s what always counts, the result!


The photo is from the anti-fur campaign in front of the shop Breuninger 21.11.2017


My best regards to all, Venus


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