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USA: Teaching Children All the Wrong Things !



WAV Comment – wow is it so sad and dangerous that some nations now appear to want to be teaching their young children to go out and kill anything from such an early age; rather than teaching them respect for the environment and all the creatures that inhabit it.

This below is another of those ‘festivals’ which teaches kids all the wrong things from a very early age. Here is another:


A lot of evidence now obtained over many years by crime organisations in including the FBI; show that young kids who are taught to kill, by starting with animals, then move on to ‘human kills’ later in life. Want some evidence ? :




Fortunately, in the UK and Germany, children are not let loose with deadly weapons to slaughter everything they can for stupid little ‘prizes’. We cannot say much more than we have shown this, and if parents still think that this is the way to bring up children, then it is a very sad world in some places.


Rattlesnakes Beheaded by the Hundreds…

A sick, cruel festival in Sweetwater, Texas is encouraging children to behead helpless rattlesnakes and paint with their blood. This three-day-event, dubbed the Rattlesnake Roundup, rips innocent animals from their own environment to publicly torture them in front of crowds of people.

The Miss Snake Charmer pageant showcases teenage beauty queen contestants who chop off the pinned-down snakes’ heads. For a small fee, attendees, including children, can decapitate a snake, cover their hands in its blood, and slap a handprint on the white mural.

Animal cruelty should never be encouraged or associated with fun activities for kids. The event will take place in less than two weeks, so we urgently need your support.

Sign the petition to urge the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to ban this barbaric event and show that the mass execution of Texas’ wildlife will not be tolerated.

Petition link – https://ladyfreethinker.org/petition-rattlesnake-roundup/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email


Next generation of mass murderers

Hunting is a big part of life in the eastern Bay of Plenty and the Opotiki Little 3 – that took place over the weekend – encourages kids to get involved by attempting to bag the largest number of possums, magpie and rabbit.


Ōpōtiki youngsters have been getting stuck into a hunting competition designed just for them.


Hunting is a big part of life in the eastern Bay of Plenty. Source: Seven Sharp


Hunting is a big part of life in the eastern Bay of Plenty and the Opotiki Little 3 – that took place over the weekend – encourages kids to get involved by attempting to bag the largest number of possums, magpie and rabbit.

“This competition is about getting out there & giving it a go!” the event’s website states.

The event is exclusively for under 16s.

“It’s good for the environment,” one keen young shooter told Seven Sharp.

The competition was created three years ago by a group of hunting mums (!!!).

“We are a small committee of four women, and we do our best,” one of the organisers said.

They decided big hunting competitions in the area didn’t focus on families.

“Most of us have full time jobs as well as doing this but we do it for the kids so… it’s worth it to see their smiles!”

Check out the video above to see the youngsters in action!!!



And I mean … Those who want to become serial killers in the future must practice early!

Then we wonder if a human massacre happens.
By almost every massacre we learn too late that mass murderers have previously practiced on animals.
And in some cases even parents come as guides.
People who are violent on animals rarely leave it at that.

But as long as the victims belong to another species, nobody cares and the murder is “good for the environment”!

“The child first exercises mercy or cruelty on the animal – and then, when grown up, it is helpful or merciless towards its fellow human beings”. (Friedrich Froebel)


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South Africa: Well Done to All Involved – Great Rescue !



Cape of Goodhope SPCA chief inspector Jaco Pieterse was in for a major surprise when he was called to Manenberg on the evening of March 2 to find a helpless male horse stuck and terrified in a river.


Abused horse gets second chance at life

“We suspect that Thunder has been stolen from his owner and ridden into the ground before being cruelly tied to the side of the river to drown. Thunder was sinking deeper into the clay soil and a rescue strategy was rapidly put in place to free him safely,” the SPCA said in a statement. “Our team struggled for more than an hour to bring Thunder to safety. He was exceptionally weak and almost ready to give up. Chief Inspector Pieterse and his team however, were absolutely not ready to give up on this boy.”

The City of Cape Town’s Fire & Rescue arrived to assist in the rescue efforts and in one last attempt, with help from bystanders, finally managed to free Thunder from the river bank.


Thunder is now safely in the care of the CoGH SPCA where he has received treatment and is being monitored in its Horse Care Unit. “Mannenberg is a highly volatile and dangerous area – normally our Inspectors will avoid this area after dark, however we could not leave this horse to suffer and the decision was clear despite the safety concerns. We never give up on an animal.

Thank you to Fire and Rescue and the bystanders for assisting us in this rescue and showing compassion to an animal in need,” the SPCA said.


“Today we can report that Thunder is doing so much better- he has a few bumps and bruises from his ordeal. We have treated him with a course of pain medication to help ease his stiff hind quarters,” it added.

Please report any animal in distress to the CoGH SPCA on 021 7004158/9 or after hours on 083 326 1604. Alternatively email inspectorate@spca-ct.co.za for assistance.


Spain: ends the cruel shredding of male chicks?


On the heels of France announcing a ban on live-shredding or grinding of male chicks beginning in 2021, Animal Equality Spain (Igualdad Animal) met with Spanish agriculture officials who confirmed that the country is also close to announcing a similar ban.



CHANGE IS ON THE WAY: During talks with the General Director of Agricultural Production and Markets of Spain, we got confirmation that officials are working with the four major chick hatcheries in the country, which had previously been investigated by Animal Equality Spain, to end the egg industry’s cruel mass-culling of male chicks. If passed, this ruling would spare 35 million chicks a year from being killed shortly after birth. 



WHY ARE MALE CHICKS CULLED?: Male chicks born into the egg industry are considered useless or “byproducts” because they’re unable to lay eggs.

They aren’t the breed of chicken used for meat, so the meat industry doesn’t want the animals either. As a result, the chicks are typically thrown into massive grinders to be shredded, tossed into trash bags to suffocate, or they’re crushed to death.



WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MALE CHICKS IF THEY’RE NOT CULLED?: France, and now Spain, are working on implementing a technology that allows employees to determine the sex of the chick before he or she has hatched.

With this new technology, called in-ovo sexing, the male chick eggs can be destroyed before the animal has the capacity to feel pain or emotions.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: If implemented, in-ovo sexing will be a huge step in the right direction. However, birds birds in the egg industry still live miserable lives until the moment they’re killed.

Even on cage-free farms, chickens are typically housed in massive, filthy sheds with thousands of other birds. They’re denied everything a chicken needs to be happy. The best way to help is simply by leaving eggs and other animal-derived foods off your plate!




And I mean…The words “annihilation” and “gassing” somehow call to mind events that recall the past, namely the fascism in Germany in 1933.
At that time it was also said that the people who were murdered were not real usable beings at all.

Today, almost a hundred years later, we find that fascism against animals is more alive than ever. All around the world!

Despite the germany animal protection law, wich says … “It is man’s responsibility to protect the animal as a co-creature’s life and well-being. Nobody may cause pain, suffering or damage to an animal without a reasonable reason (§ 1 TierSchG, principle)”  for animals Treblinka is still every day ..

Shredding is definitely criminal but it seems that we think it is a “reasonable” reason to practice it, because eggs and meat are more important than the lives of millions of newborns.

There are many ways to profit, and most of them are dirty.
It is bad enough that we should still be begging for the abolition of this fascist practice today.

But what’s worse is that there are millions of consumers who take part in this daily massacre with a clear conscience or who don’t see it because they don’t want to see it.

We can only hope that the Spaniards, like the French, will go a little further than we here in Germany.

Because for the time being, the massacre remains common murder practice, the Federal Administrative Court has now confirmed this, until there is a “practical alternative” (!!)

Consistently considered, one could also shred the Federal Administrative Court.

Because of economical reasons.

My best regards to all, Venus