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🟢🔴Endure Italia! Everything is coming to an end, even the Corona invasion!

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Nepal`s shame: Chitwan Elephant Festival.


Eyewitness video footage shows elephants who were forced to participate in the cruel Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal being repeatedly struck and gouged with bullhooks—spear-like weapons with a sharp hook on one end—and their ears being violently yanked.


Mahouts (handlers) also beat frightened elephants with other weapons, such as sticks and makeshift wooden knives.


One mahout can be seen repeatedly jabbing a baby elephant behind the ear to force her to “play” soccer. Right after the match, eyewitnesses saw that she had several fresh, painful, bloody wounds.

When these elephants aren’t being forced to perform at this festival, they’re used for rides by tourists visiting Chitwan. Elephants who are forced to “play” polo or give rides are controlled through physical violence and psychological domination.

They’re chained and beaten with bullhooks or other weapons and constantly threatened with violence to keep them afraid and submissive.



Elephants used for polo games, rides, shows, and other forms of entertainment suffer tremendously. Even when not performing, they’re typically deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them.

If we take an honest look at the reality of life in captivity for elephants compared to the life that they would have in nature, we can see that the “trainers” have utterly degraded these magnificent animals.



Elephants are highly social beings who thrive in matriarchal herds, protecting each other, caring for their babies, and traveling many miles a day.

They experience joy, sadness, and fear. Their rituals of mourning the deaths of family members rival any that humans have developed.

But throughout Nepal, baby elephants are routinely beaten and subjected to other egregiously cruel forms of “training.”


Their complex emotional states and multifaceted relationships are left in tatters.

Using these majestic, endangered animals in silly spectacles is shameful. Nepal should be focused on protecting them in their natural habitats, not exploiting them for human amusement.


Last year, more than a dozen companies dropped their support of the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Thailand after a PETA Asia eyewitness exposé revealed abuse similar to that documented in Nepal, and the tournament’s organizers ceased their operations in Thailand—making the Chitwan Elephant Festival the only event in the world in which elephants are shamefully abused for and forced to “play” polo.

And for good reason—others have recognized the cruelty inherent in making elephants perform and have stopped abusing animals.



The Chitwan Elephant Festival also hurts Nepal’s tourism industry.

Please fill out the form below to tell the Nepal Tourism Board that it’s in its best interest to cancel these cruel “games.”

Personalized letters always work best. Feel free to use the sample letter provided, but keep in mind that your letter will carry more weight if you write your own customized message and subject line.


Petition here in the link:

And I mean…Those who are too lazy or too stupid to play football themselves choose the enslaved animals as substitutes, who definitely have more intelligence than all these primitive offenders.

So that every brain-sick tourist in his country can proud the experienced hero, elephants have to spend their lives in torture, slavery and daily humiliations.
Maybe our corona brings some good side effects in this regard.

Most will not travel anytime soon, nature and animals are recovering, and fear spoils any desire for exotic fun!


My best regards to all, Venus


Sweden: allied work



Received anonymously:

On the 1 of March the lynx cull began in Sweden as of right now over 80 have been killed and 103 will be killed by the end of this month.



A massacre was going on in the forrest and we could not just sit idly by and watch the slaughter.



While searching for the hunt scum with the intention of sabotaging their efforts to kill the 8 lynx that were still fighting for their home and lives in our cull zone we came across many traps, hunting towers and feeding stations that all met the same fate.

Here are two of the many that were demolished.

Long live the lynx!



-Lynx Allies-

Thank you Lynx Allies! Long live the lynx and the fighters who protect them!

My best regards to all, Venus


Corona virus: the ideal scapegoat.


Those who are exposed to COVID-19 propaganda for several hours a day will hardly be able to grasp a clear thought out of sheer panic.

This is certainly also the goal of strictly coordinated propaganda, which we particularly appreciate and inevitably finance, especially through the public media.
Their job is to subtly deprive people of the opportunity to think independently.
They themselves call it high-level information and education.

Insofar as, contrary to expectations or due to technical breakdowns, there are moments of light within this panic sprinkling, the normally gifted person begins to ask questions internally.
Questions that it is better not to open up and therefore mostly to keep quiet and secret. This is the only way to be reasonably safe from the destructive criticism that everyone is exposed as soon as he issues questions or facts that contradict the official line.

The economic side of the pandemic

Let us turn to the economic side of this crisis, following the rampant pandemic.
An officially prescribed crisis, which becomes more significant and more serious with every compulsory and restrictive measure called.
It was not for nothing that unlimited financial resources were provided for every cough, well before panic mode was raised to today’s level.

This can be seen as a signal that the government, either way, is expecting a huge crash.
Rightly so, because the financial and economic system has been overdue in this regard for years.

Corona is just the gentle and innocuous door opener, the hand puppet or Trojan to play a real drama for people.
All with the goal of reaching the next level on the way to total control of the crowds.

The latter is pretty much the hardest attack on the remaining Human liberties.
We are experiencing, so to speak, the final dispute. It is about whether people will be able to take control of their own destiny, freely and individually, in the future.

Or whether, as in the past few decades, people remain only the productive livestock of an elite class.
In this context, it can be said that it is a battle against globalization that is pursuing exactly this agenda of human livestock.
The EU is only a small size and unfortunately nothing else than “not pro person” … only “pro … fit”

Lock-down brings heavy losses

The Europe-wide failure of the entire economy will immediately lead to the death of all affected economies. We could say they die on Corona themselves. This virus is simply the ideal scapegoat.

Of course, this is not entirely true, as these economies are now dying because of the planned measures to combat a small virus, the importance of which is more than controversial.

But the propaganda already helps the little creature to the power it has now been given. Nothing will change the result. Economies will die along with COVID-19, the weakest first.

It would be better, in general, to start thinking about a new system in terms of education, economy and the state. A more stable system that does not have to be driven against the wall every three generations like now.

In this regard, at least the previously mentioned small elite would like to read later  in the history books that not their greed destroyed everything, but a small, cute virus called COVID-19.

And I mean...The whole world smells of disinfectants, in the subway, in the supermarket, in sports studios, in the café..

No cinemas, no soccer, no museums, no theater, no libraries, no visitors from relatives in the hospital, no parties, even no church …

Everywhere empty shelves, noodles are gone, rice is gone, cans are gone, toilet paper is gone, even the vegan range that no one wanted before is gone.

The empty shelves in the supermarket are reminiscent of the old days in the former GDR, when people abused the “totalitarian” system of socialism at the time and only dreamed of fleeing to the West in order to finally buy everything their hearts could desire.

And now fucking capitalism is failing worse than its enemies at the time.

After the swine and bird flu failed so miserably, the right one finally seems to have been found.
There will soon be a global slaughterhouse for human animals that will cut all savings in half.
We have the explanation for this: it was the evil virus!

One thing is hopeful and makes the situation bearable: the corona is an animal-friendly virus!



My best regards to all, Venus