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We are providing the following as many of you (EU and non EU citizens) may wish to make your views known to the EU authorities in this consultation. There is really only one opportunity to say how you feel at the end of the consultation; so please do it, and consider what we say in the following.

Live animal transport is an issue that we have many years of campaigning experience with. It is our general opinion that the EU does not need to have yet another consultation on the issue of live transport. We consider that this (consultation) is solely to give the impression that EU citizens can have a say in the issue, and that their views will count regarding an end result.

Lets look quickly at a few points:

The EU Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection’ of animals during transport, was created as it says; to provide ‘protection’ to animals during transport. Hauliers and exporters have never complied with the regulation since the day it came into being. Have a look at a few investigations which we were involved with back in   – go to the following and then further scroll down until you see the heading:   ‘EU Papers, Official Investigations and the Rest’.

In summary – During 2010 – Mark worked with animal transport investigation teams within the EU, specifically concentrating on live calves being exported from Ireland (EU) to mainland EU. As a result of the investigations, Mark produced a 125 page official investigation report which was sent to both EU Parliamentarians and UK parliamentarians showing failures of Regulation 1/2005. You can read one investigation report; showing all the failures, when you go to the links and titles shown above.



The system was failing the animals in transport way before 2010 and when the report was produced; it has failed them ever since, and it will continue to fail them as long as animals are transported; regardless of what the EU says and yet another ‘consultation’ which we are informed will make things better.

The EU has always failed animals in transport, and it always will. Consultations are simple ‘veils’ to make the common man think that something is being done and changes will result. In compliance with Reg 1/2005, all livestock transporter drivers are supposed to be certified so that they can give animals in their care the best of attention. The system of certifying drivers has never worked from its inception. Animals always suffer – that is the result.

We have slightly different views on another EU consultation within WAV. Some do not want to become involved at all, as they see the delay and tactics of the EU in this policy.   Yes agree 100%, it is another delaying tactic when all the clear evidence of abuses have been constantly provided to the EU for years. But with a consultation; which is underway now, regardless of our views; is there not an alternative way of viewing the consultation ? – send in your information as required and simply declare that EU policy has always failed the animals in transport; and it will continue to fail the animals in transport regardless of what is submitted. You could mention the 8 hours petition, which was undertaken in the past (2012); and further represented in Brussels to the EU on 16/9/2013 – here is the AA release on this: which will provide you with information:


16.09.2013 | Belgium, Brussels

Animals’ Angels addressed the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament in the presence of MEPS and Commissioners in Brussels, to speak on the issue of animal welfare in transport.  Animals’ Angels addressed its petition of 1,103,248 signatures, delivered in June 2012, from European citizens calling for an end to long distance animal transport, and to impose a maximum 8 hour limit. 

We asked why the Commission had done nothing to properly address the democratic voices of European citizens and the European Parliament, which also supports the 8 hour transport limit. Animals’ Angels has asked the Petitions Committee to look into this, and to take any action considered just and appropriate to resolve the issue, and to get a proper response to the democratic voices calling for change.

So, 2012, 2013; well over 1 million EU citizens calling for an 8 hours (one off) maximum journey time; and here we are now in March 2020 having a consultation by the EU on the issue of live animal transport legislation !!

As we say, delaying tactics by the EU which just go on, and on, and on; and the animals suffer as a result for many more years.

Here below is the official wording of the new EU consultation which citizens are being invited to participate in. You did participate in the past, calling for 8 hours maximum journey time; so why now do we need more delay ?

As we say, the choice to get involved in this consultation is entirely down to individuals. I (Mark) see it as an opportunity to ask the EU formally why the 8 hour ruling of 2012/13 was never adopted by the Commission; despite the huge number of signatures in a petition at the time calling for an 8 hour max.

If you say nothing else in the consultation response; remind the EU that their regulation 1/2005 has always failed the animals in transport; that you signed the petition way back calling for an 8 hour maximum journey time; and the EU never listed or acted on this. So what is the point of a new consultation now, when we see the EU failing citizens who wish to make change for the better and for the animals.

Regards Mark.


Official EU consultation wording:

Target audience

  • Competent authorities responsible for animal welfare;

  • Business and professional organisations;

  • EU citizens and consumers and organisation;

  • Organisations from the civil society;

  • Independent experts from academic and research institutes;

  • European bodies, including the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA);

  • International intergovernmental organisations active on animal welfare;

  • Third countries;

  • Other relevant bodies.

All targeted stakeholders are invited to give their feedback during the 12-week consultation period.

Animal Welfare: launch of the public consultation on the EU Strategy

The European Commission published a 12 weeks open consultation on the EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015. This public consultation, available into all EU languages, is part of a one-year external study supporting the evaluation of the EU Strategy. Launched in 2019, this evaluation aims to assess if the EU Strategy delivered its initial objectives and whether they are still relevant today. The results of the evaluation will inform future EU initiatives on animal welfare as well as actions under the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy. Citizens, experts and stakeholders are invited to give their feedback before 15 June 2020.

Here is the link to the consultation:

and here is the link to the Commissions website:


Baggy and Wally

Baby wombat and baby kangaroo are obsessed with each other…

Regards and a good night from Venus


How the Wildlife Trade Is Linked to Coronavirus.

Italy: Detective work against poachers



Nest guarding in Sicily: In order to monitor the nests of the endangered hawk eagle, the members of the Italian conservation group Gruppo Tutela Rapaci started their work in Sicily with the support of the Committee against Bird Murder.


Hawk eagles do not breed in captivity and therefore cannot be bred. This is why nest predators target eggs and young birds of the strictly protected bird – with them they can get the highest prices for some unscrupulous animal collectors or falconers.

Since we have been consistently guarding the nests in Sicily, the number of broods robbed has decreased by more than 90%.

Since curfews apply across Italy due to the corona crisis, the teams have regulatory approval for their work.

Without our presence, poachers would have a very easy game in the current situation, because the police are now entrusted with more urgent tasks than ever.


Thanks to Angelo Scuderi for the great eagle photo!

Committee Against Bird Murder e.V.


My comment: In Germany, rifles, poison and traps are the usual methods used by the perpetrators. We speak about really professional methods here, for example live bait.
They release pigeons whose back feathers are prepared with poison.

These animals are released in the middle of a hawk territory – with the aim that the raptor grabs them from above and dies from the poison on their back feathers.

Poachers of raptors in Germany are among hunters.

Because someone has to know very well which trees they are sitting in, where they are going to catch prey and other things.
The hunters know that.

A further indication is that hunting ammunition is always discovered in the carcasses of the raptors, which are usually only used by hunters.

So far, it has usually been the case that most investigations are ended without result and the perpetrators get away unscathed.

At least in my district, I don’t know of any judgment that has been posted for illegal wildlife killings.

“In the past, the insane, murderers, sex offenders or addicts were in institutions.
Today they are in hunting associations “.



My best regards to all, Venus

The animal industry only produces victims


The case has already been reported to the European Animal Disease Notification System. The first suspicion arose on March 18, then confirmation on Saturday, reports the trade magazine

The company is located in western Poland, around 65 km from the German border near the city of Grünberg.



More than 23,700 pigs are affected, including almost 8,000 sows. 135 pigs are said to have died at the ASP.
The authorities have ordered the immediate ” culling” of the stock and set up protection and surveillance zones.


After the last press releases, bird flu (avian influenza) has now reached its first large-stable in Germany.

For all birds caught in it, including the healthy ones, this means the death sentence.

My comment: African swine fever (ASP) has now arrived on a farm in western Poland. Not yet in Germany, but hysteria against wild boars has broken out like a pandemic, and tens of thousands of animals are at risk of “culling”.

Imagine that you would currently do the same with the Corona infected?

There were 599,855 wild boars shot in Germany in the 2018/19 season. Preventive only!
Innocent victims for a man-made illness.

All point a finger at the wild boar. The pathogen only migrates through wild boars about 20 kilometers a year. The government does not speak of hunting, but of disease control !!!



Crashed animal transporters, burning animal factories and slaughterhouses, pigs suffocating in fattening rooms, agonizingly dying animals because they are not cared for, and countless victims of man-made animal diseases, that is the sad result of 2019: the animal industry not only produces victims in the slaughterhouse, but already the cruel way to get there.

At least 20 million pigs annually do not survive the torture of breeding and fattening.


What the agricultural industry and its lobbyists proclaim is false and criminal as anything and everywhere where corporations and large capital exercise their power. It’s all about maximizing profit, everything else is subordinate.

For this they go over corpses, not just animal corpses, they act against all of nature, against our planet in general, ultimately against all of us.

Let us remember this dramatic situation.
We need it for the next pandemic.

My best regards to all, Venus