for the rights of the “others”..


when we give the other animals back their natural rights,
we are losing nothing other than the privilege of torture and murder.

Who wants to assert that he doesn’t want to waive this “right” with pleasure and at all times?

Regards and a good night from Venus

Colombia Petition now removed.

Today (8/3) I issued a post about a dog in Colombia (?) which had all its puppies killed and was then teased.

Over the day a few mails have been sent in to us; some saying that the incident probably happened in Pakistan or Egypt; and not Colombia. Also, this incident may be 4 years old and the people responsible for the crime have never been caught.

So what do we do ? – I will probably now delete the post; it was done with all good intentions, but maybe inaccurate; so is effectively worthless. If accusations are made that the info is wrong, then we would really like to see it backed with factual evidence rather than just ‘hearsay’.

This does not really give you a lot of faith in putting petitions onto the site – maybe we now need to rethink what we do in future. Do we publish anything or not ?

If anyone can give us the real facts of this case we would love to hear and see it.

For the meantime I guess we now remove the post;

Regards Mark.

For women`s Day


If every nonhuman woman is no longer raped, her children are no longer born in chains, her children are no longer robbed, her body is no longer used as a machine, if all nonhuman women are equal to us, humans, then we have a reason to celebrate Women’s Day.


Best regards to all, Venus


Germany: Bavarian rulers and hunting


Bavaria is a federal state that thrives economically, but hunting has remained at a pre-civilizational level in the vastness of the country.



There is war against wildlife here. Animal protection is systematically undermined by nature users – hunters, farmers, forest owners, anglers, pond owners – in close cooperation with local politicians and state authorities.

In Bavaria, wild rabbits, raccoons and raccoon dogs do not even have the grace period provided for in the federal hunting law during the rearing of young animals. The animals are legally hunted all year round, regardless of whether they look after young animals or not.

The young animals starve or freeze to death.


Whether the raccoon mom will come back… – the chances are worse in Bavaria than in other federal states. Parents can be shot! against the federal regulation. Picture: Heiko Anders


In Bavaria, it often doesn’t matter whether existing hunting laws are observed or not. Minister of Agriculture Michaela Kaliber (CSU=Christian Social Union) cannot rely on the hunters’ self-control by the hunters: in Bavaria, the parent animals required for rearing were and are strictly hunted this year in January, February and March, despite the fact that the foxes have set in this year killed.

This often happens during so-called fox or predatory game weeks.

The first fox pups are born in Bavaria in January.



Strictly speaking, fox fathers required for rearing are eliminated by hunters in December, because as soon as the male has mated – usually from mid-November to the end of November – he will be a future parent.



Roe deer, deer or chamois are no better off in Bavaria. “Forest before game” is the motto that has been laid down in the Bavarian Forest Act in 2005 at the instigation of forest owners, foresters and the Ecological Hunting Association.
Driven hunts, in which many dozen hunters and drivers take part with their dogs, regularly take place in Bavaria right into the middle of winter.

Actually the time when the metabolism of deer and deer is down to survive the sparse season with little food.



Hunting regulations do not even exist on paper for these hunts, which are carried out in particular by the Bavarian State Forests, but also by other large forest owners such as the noble Thurn and Taxis or the Princely House of Waldburg-Zeil.

Animals are shot in the belly, the lower jaw is blown away with heavy bullets or they are bitten by dog packs that get out of control.


Lecturers from the Bavarian Forest University in the state capital are using inhumane slogans such as “Only a dead deer is a good deer” or “You don’t have to look at what deer is for deer.

The main thing is to make your finger crooked ” (!!!)

It is also the case that the authorities deliberately tolerate serious violations not only against the foxes, but also against the deer.



A long-time hunter puts it this way: “State forest, prince and so many hunting cooperatives don’t give a shit about legal norms.”

In rural areas in Bavaria there is a targeted and successful mood against returning species. Otters, beavers, cormorants, wolves and lynxes are used as scapegoats to distract from their own deficits, both in the protection of rivers and in the misguided agricultural policy.

“Exceptions” for the shooting down of cormorants and beavers are said to have been made even in nature and bird protection areas such as Lake Chiemsee. In many places, beacon buildings are systematically destroyed and put away with the toleration of local politicians. Any illegal activity will not be prosecuted.

Those who dare to intervene are often threatened.

Many of the problems attributed to the animals are man-made and could be solved without the animal cruelty measures shown. The intense hunt, due to the immense disturbances in the rhythm of life, helps the roe deer to bite young trees at all.

In parts of Switzerland, a quiet zone model is successfully practiced, which has also been imitated in the forests of those of Gemmingen: on around 25-30 percent of the area, large hunting-free areas and unhunted grazing areas are created. Deer, roe deer or chamois find retreat there.

Without the constant pressure to hunt, they regularly find food there and do not become “forest pests”.

The shooting down of foxes or raccoons is completely pointless. Because hunting is not able to regulate the population of these animals. The development of the number of raccoons cannot even be delayed by hunting.

The only thing that is achieved by hunting prey is – besides satisfying their pursuers – the destruction of the social fabric of wild animals and the lowering of their average age.

A fox in Germany would not even be two years old- on average.



And I mean…Which is worse: swine fever or hunter and politician plague?

Almost two years ago, has the CSU (Christian Social Union) in the state parliamen enforced that “the Bavarian otter- management should be supplemented with “removal”, so it says in the group’s request.

The term “removal” means catching otters in traps and and then execute.

Although hunting for otters is prohibited.

In a pilot project, the government wants to allow three hunters to set up traps at fish farms. Otters are said to be caught in them and then shot.

The “Free State” of Bavaria simply wants to take the first step so that the hunt for the otter is back becomes socially acceptable.


It is an invention of sick psychopaths, politicians and hunters. Otters do not harm anyone, psycopaths do!

This reminds us of the cruel, brown times around 1941 when Göhring had applied for the “final solution” to the Jewish question” wich was therefore nothing other than the murder of the Jews at that time.

Annihilate, eliminate, or even exterminate would be the correct term for the shameful word “remove” for otter.
And we already know how do it.


My best regards to all, Venus


Mother Teased After Watching All Her Babies Killed. Petition – Sign Now.

Young people tease a dog alfter killing her cubs, do something to condemn them to jail!

Petition link now removed due to possible un truths.

Please see our newer post which explains.

Regards Mark