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England: Eating Animals Will Be The Death of Us.

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Julia Gellately is the founder and CEO of English animal rights organisation ‘Viva!’. Here is her take on the Coronavirus –

Coronavirus: Eating Animals Will Be the Death of Us

Juliet Gellatley


Wuhan, China: the sprawling capital city of the Hubei province, known for being the epicentre of culture, education, manufacturing and transportation links. Now, Wuhan has a new reputation.

It is the city which gave birth to the Wuhan novel coronavirus (WN-CoV) the viral disease outbreak which has captured headlines, shut down cities and continues to spread while the rest of the world looks on with horrified abandon.

Coronaviruses are a common type of virus that cause mild illnesses, such as the common cold, but can cause more serious problems like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Just a quick search will bring up all you need to know about this coronavirus. Where did it come from? How is the virus transmitted and what are the symptoms? Will face masks really keep you safe?

There are many discussions taking place about how we can prevent and stop the spread of disease, followed by calls from experts for better hygiene, tighter controls at airports, banning the unregulated movement of wild animals and limiting human-animal contact. But the obvious solution, the simplest, most cost-effective solution which no-one has yet to admit, is to stop eating animals.

This coronavirus originated from one of Wuhan’s many live-animal markets. Over 100 different animals are sold here, including wolf pups, civet cats, poultry and snakes. These animals are kept in cramped, dirty conditions, with direct contact with humans. These markets are referred to as ‘wet markets’ – so called because animals are often slaughtered directly in front of customers. Aside from the obvious issues with having a high population density made up of humans and animals – a hotbed for disease outbreak – these markets are repulsive places. They are filled with caged, frightened souls, many of whom have been captured illegally in the wild.

The animals are skinned and slaughtered, sending a cocktail of microorganisms into the air. The dreadful, cramped conditions and mix of wild and domestic creatures, alongside the throngs of people choosing their victims, is a pandemic in the making. It was an inevitable consequence of poor hygiene, cross-contamination, and low animal welfare. We reap what we sow and – sadly, for the many people who have now lost their lives to the coronavirus – we have created a new deadly viral disease outbreak.

The saddest part of this story is that scientists saw this coming. Researchers have been stressing the link between human and wildlife health for decades and, in particular, the potential threat of coronaviruses was first identified following the 2003 SARS outbreak (also caused by a virus jumping from animals to humans). Scientists studying bats in the Yunnan Caves realised that the coronavirus was making the jump from bats to humans. It is now thought that the virus spread from bats to snakes, which are then captured and taken to live animals markets and eaten as a local delicacy. Scientists saw this coming; the Wuhan animal markets merely presented the perfect storm for disease outbreak.

As much as we can improve hygiene and as much as we can control the movement of animals, all it takes is another perfect storm to spark the next pandemic. You need only to look at the havoc we have wreaked throughout human history and our continued, damaging relationship with our precious ecosystems, to realise that we need systematic change.

We must have a societal shift in the way we view animals, the environment and our diets. We must stop eating animals. It is time to finally make the connection between animal agriculture and environmental destruction, antibiotic resistance and disease outbreak. We must stop tearing down forests to make way for animal farming or to grow animal feed. We must protect ecosystems and prioritise the safety and freedom of wild animals, leaving them to live their lives away from human contact. If we don’t take urgent and far-reaching action now, eating animals will be the death of us.

The world must wake up and shun all animal products and instead choose vegan. No cruelty, no cages, no blood and no zoonoses. It’s a no brainer.

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India: Latest (March) Rescue Videos From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Watch all of the videos below by clicking on the following link:

One of the rescues we’ve featured this week is of puppies who got stuck in tar. People often want to know how is it that road tar wasn’t properly disposed, or why there is there so much garbage? The answers are not easy because so much intersects: India experienced a relatively sudden introduction of non-disposable plastics and other materials in a culture that values tolerance, even of things that are offensive. The toxins and dangers in this environment are present around the world, often more lethal, but more hidden. But wherever we live, there are beings who suffer because of human negligence. This video about removing the tar from puppies’ little bodies, however, focuses on the opposite phenomenon: human kindness. Watch the faces of the band of helpers who worked so carefully for hours and hours to make sure these little angels would be happy again.

Hours of effort saved Amber and her sisters locked in rock-solid tar.

Three gorgeous puppies were encased in hardened road tar when our rescue team arrived, and their sibling had died from the toxic hardened tar. Two of the three had made their way back to their mother with tar over half their little bodies.

But one was stuck to the earth, and to avoid pulling her skin off, rescuers had to cut and pry big slabs of stone and tar to carry with her to the hospital where all 3 puppies would undergo hours of labor as Animal Aid staff and volunteers softened the tar by soaking it in cooking oil and pulling it off little bit by bit.

The puppies’ little faces could not have looked more forlorn. By the time the tar was removed, they were soooo exhausted. But all the more WONDERFUL to see them playing in joy after a good night’s sleep in the furry warmth of their Mommy.

Removing tar is difficult, but LOVE is easyPlease donate



After we repaired her neck wound, Sunny-day glowed!

Her skin hung heavily on her throat, detached by a 4-inch cut that exposed all of this sweet dog’s neck muscles. She would need stitches to survive, and when our rescue team arrived, she let us scoop her up without the slightest resistance. We were relieved to see that the edges of the cut were clean enough that suturing was possible. When she healed, she simply glowed. We named her Sunny-day, and wow, just look at her now!

For surgery to save precious souls, please donate.



Stitching this wound saved precious Nugget’s life.


Blood from a deep wound on this sweetheart’s thigh had soaked his hind legs and tail, but that tail wagged in the most earnest announcement of trust, enabling our rescue team to gently and quietly carry him to our ambulance and stitch him up in the hospital. Meet adorable Nugget, whose cheerful and subtle little smile will charm your socks off.

For badly injured tail-waggers. Please donate.

Celebrate the Caregivers!

Himmat Gameti has for 2 years grown in his ability at a tremendous rate. He manages the care of dogs in our Spay-Neuter Center where he ensures that both routine feeding and special post-operative medical care are provided “his” 80 ever-changing surgery patients. Himmat is observant, communicative, fast and thorough. He’s also a big sweetheart and we feel so lucky to have his brilliant help as a team leader.


Spain: Let’s eradicate animal abuse once and for all.


No to aid for the cancellation of the bullfighting season!


🐃All bullfights in March were canceled. Madrid, Valencia, Castellón, Murcia, Arnedo … 21 bullfights are already affected and 120 bulls saved because of it
Now the bullfighting sector is asking the government for support to save the season.

The Toro de Lidia Foundation and the Minister of Culture José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe requested an emergency meeting.

We will not let it happen!



The bullfighting sector, devastated: fairs suspended, thousands of tickets to return, San Isidro in the air … As has been done with sports events and schools, the bullring is being considered places of risk of contagion.

Thus, Madrid, Valencia, Castellón, Murcia and Arnedo have already canceled all the celebrations scheduled for March.

There are already 21 bullfights affected, and 120 bulls that, for the moment, are saved! But the bullfighting sector, which is beginning to recognize that the coronavirus is going to be a severe blow to bullfighting, especially for bullfighters, ranchers and bullfighting entrepreneurs, it has begun to react: the Toro de Lidia Foundation has already requested the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe, an emergency meeting “to be able to study the possibility of starting contingency, recovery and support plans for the industry as soon as possible.” We will not allow it!



Now or never! Let’s use the opportunity to eradicate animal abuse once and for all. Join the petition to the Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe, so that he does not allocate a single euro from public coffers to financially help the bullfighting sector.

The European Central Bank recognizes that the economic crisis that is going to trigger the coronavirus may have the magnitude of the great financial crisis of 2008.

Public administrations across the country need to develop a package of measures so that companies do not suffer from liquidity problems due to the cessation of activities. Help for families has also been announced.

We need your help to demand that the government prioritize and not allocate funds to finance the bullfighting rescue. To do this, we ask that you dedicate less than two minutes of your time to perform the following action.

Send a letter to the Ministry of Culture and Sports – In this link is the petition-letter.




And I mean …those are the unexpected damages of the Omnipotent Corona Virus.
Nobody expected them, not even those who created it.

No bullfights, no environmentally harmful world trips, maybe no safaris, and soon there will be no more animal transports.
An animal friendly virus … this corona …

Everyone stays at home and waits for better times. The environment and animals benefit greatly from it.

WHO speaks of an extremely dangerous pandemic!!
Confirmed cases 80,754, including active infections 17,721, cured cases 59,897, deaths 3,136.

With 7, 75 billion human animals … 3000 deaths are the doom of the world.

My best Regards to all, Venus