Colombia Petition now removed.

Today (8/3) I issued a post about a dog in Colombia (?) which had all its puppies killed and was then teased.

Over the day a few mails have been sent in to us; some saying that the incident probably happened in Pakistan or Egypt; and not Colombia. Also, this incident may be 4 years old and the people responsible for the crime have never been caught.

So what do we do ? – I will probably now delete the post; it was done with all good intentions, but maybe inaccurate; so is effectively worthless. If accusations are made that the info is wrong, then we would really like to see it backed with factual evidence rather than just ‘hearsay’.

This does not really give you a lot of faith in putting petitions onto the site – maybe we now need to rethink what we do in future. Do we publish anything or not ?

If anyone can give us the real facts of this case we would love to hear and see it.

For the meantime I guess we now remove the post;

Regards Mark.

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