Every child, every day


Satisfy, healthy, safe: shouldn’t every child feel this way?

Together we can do it. If we respect their fundamental rights to freedom, life and self-determination.


Regards and good night from Venus


Czech Republic: Lynx Olda murdered

The death of a strictly protected lynx is currently causing outrage in the Czech Republic. The wounded animal caught the eye of a former forest ranger and could still be caught, but despite veterinary care, the wildcat died a little later, as was known on Friday.



“The animal was stressed and emaciated, it must have suffered from pain and hunger, “ said Frantisek Jaskula, head of the Beskydy landscape protection area in the east of the country (see map in the link).

It has been the fourth lynx in the region to fall victim to poachers since 2000.

Olda- (Image: selmy.cz)

Animal rights activists had been watching the lynx for years and baptizing Olda. Since his birth in 2011, he has appeared around 800 times in camera trap images in the region.
In the Czech part of the Beskids, a mountain range of the Western Carpathians, there are barely a dozen lynxes left.

Popular fur: Lynx almost eradicated centuries ago
The Eurasian lynx is the largest cat species in Europe and can be recognized by its long brush ears.

In earlier centuries, the lynx was hunted for its fur and almost wiped out.



And I mean … No! They weren’t poachers, they were hunters.
There is no difference either; no matter by whom, it was a crime.

This could have been commissioned by a wealthy collector so that Olda would decorate a psychopath’s living room as a carpet.

This gang of murderers is supported by important politicians.

Most hunters come from the wealthy social classes.
They are doctors, lawyers, judges, industrialists, politicians, the military … psychopaths who pay a lot of money for their sick, bloody pleasure.

Lynxes and many other wild animals are threatened with extinction.
Nevertheless, they are killed out of sheer lust for murder. Mostly as trophies.
For this, these “people” are willing to pay a lot of money.

The more endangered an animal is, the more expensive it is to shoot.

The hunting lobby also seems to have enormous power in the EU, for example, trophy hunting is even supported by the EU.

For your information: Safari Club International is also available in Germany!
This is where the hunting enthusiasts meet regularly for a “round table” in Munich.

By now at the latest everyone should know why the EU does not want to ban the trade in trophies.

Certainly very few people know that despite protests from their own ranks, the EU Parliament has spoken out in favor of a legal and sustainable trophy hunt.

Damned Oldas killer!
And hopefully his life will soon end in unbearable pain-
to put it in the language of the murderers!

My best regards to all, Venus


Mother’s Day


We think of all the mothers who cannot live happy and free with their children.

We think of these mothers who renounce love and care for their children because the life-contemptuous species “human” determines it so.

We think of the mothers who cry for their children with endless grief, cries and lamentations that only few people hear.

We hear them.

We continue to fight for a world with happy mothers.
Women mothers, cow mothers, pig mothers, chicken mothers, monkey mothers …

If we give them back their natural rights, we lose nothing but the privilege of torture and murder

We fight against fascist discrimination, we fight against speciesism.

My best regards to all, Venus