We are habit criminals


Deserves a humanity, that tortures billions of animals not exactly what she does to the animals?

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US, “Heroes” act: compensation for mass murder

The “HEROES” Act disregards animal welfare groups’ asks regarding depopulation and slaughter line speeds.

Two weeks after President Trump moved to protect meat industry profits by designating meat processing facilities as “critical infrastructure,” apparently it is now Congress’s turn to do the industry’s bidding.

In the latest coronavirus relief package, introduced in the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday, lawmakers have disregarded both of the major issues animal protection groups have been bringing to their attention: increased slaughter line-speeds, and the mass killing (“depopulation”) of millions of pigs and chickens across the country.


WASTE, BUT WANT NOT: The latest relief bill – the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solution (“HEROES”) Actwould reimburse meat producers for 85 percent of the financial losses they incur as a result of killing whole barnfuls of chickens, pigs, or other farmed animals.

Those who choose to keep their animals alive will not receive the relief funds (!!!)

These mass killings are the result of supply-chain disruptions, as slaughterhouses across the U.S. have temporarily halted operations due to widespread outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers.

Without anywhere to send “market-ready” pigs and chickens, producers are simply killing their herds and flocks to make room for the next batch of animals already in the pipeline. The bodies of these culled animals are not sold for human consumption.

Most will simply be composted (also at taxpayer expense).

EVEN WORSE THAN SLAUGHTER: The methods producers use to carry out these mass killings are exceptionally cruel, ranging from suffocating the animals with foam or gas, to manually slamming them against the ground, to simply turning off the ventilation system in the barns and allowing the animals packed inside to slowly die of overheating.

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EU: end the cage age now!


What is the fate of a petition if that petition reaches 1 million signatures in Europe?

We can find the answer in the EU statute, as part of the “European Citizens’ Initiative” which was introduced with the Lisbon Treaty, and came into force in April 2012:

“For initiatives that have collected at least one million signatures, achieving the minimum number required in at least seven Member States, the EU – Commission will have three months to examine the initiative and decide how to act on it. It will meet the organizers so they can explain the issues raised in their initiative in more depth”.


Conclusion: Within three months, the Commission will inform the organizers about its legal and political conclusions on the initiative, as well as what to do next, or not to do so, and the reasons why.

The “End The Cage Age” campaign had 1,5 million votes and was closed on September 11th 2019.

Instead, we get a “Green Deal” in double packaging to “farm-to-fork”, where the massive overproduction of meat in industrial livestock farming with catastrophic effects on animals, humans and the climate is not addressed in the “Green Deal”.

Although the strategy commits to considering options for animal welfare labelling, there is no mention of method-of-production labelling:  https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/05/21/eu-green-deal-puts-animal-welfare-back-on-the-eus-agenda/

We will never tire of complaining about the fraud and disrespect of the EU Commission, we cannot accept that in this way our civil right to participation is trampled on.


Obviously, The Eurogroup for Animals has understood that the “End the Cage Age” campaign will not work.
Therefore they ask for help at the end:

“The finalised strategies will now be rolled out, with the European Parliament adopting a resolution on the content later this year. At Eurogroup for Animals, our next opportunity will be to influence the European Parliament’s response to the two strategies, so our members will start to mobilise citizens in the days ahead to contact their MEPs and make their voices – and our recommendations – heard”.

No, dear people from the Eurogroup!

I will no longer sign anything, nor will I send any letters to the MEPs.
Until I get an answer about the state of the “End the Cage Age” campaign.

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/05/24/eu-end-the-cage-age-now/


My best regards to all, Venus