Compassion is a matter of the heart

Compassion for “others” is the most beautiful foundation of a character.

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EU Commission: the pencil-pushers of Brussels

EU report reveals abuses in animal exports by ship.

In view of a current report by the EU Commission on the implementation of animal transports by ship, the German Animal Welfare Association – together with the European umbrella organization Eurogroup for Animals – is once again calling for an end to live animal transport to countries outside Europe.

The report of the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG Sante) of the EU Commission documents various grievances in transport: from loading in trucks and in the port to shipping and arrival in the destination country.

“The documented massive grievances show once again that animal welfare requirements cannot be met during animal transport to countries outside Europe.
As a consequence, this must mean an immediate exit from these transports.

We call on the EU Commission: End these inhuman conditions! It is about the well-being of fellow creatures, not goods or goods, ”said Thomas Schröder, President of the German Animal Welfare Association.


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My comment: In 2017, the international law firm Conte & Giacomini, which specializes in EU law, on behalf of Animal Welfare Fondation (AWF) filed a comprehensive complaint about shipments with the EU Commission and asked it to initiate infringement proceedings against various member states. The proceedings are still ongoing.

In our language it says: nothing

The EU Commission then carried out inspection visits to the EU ports for the first time (!!!) in 2018 and 2019 and confirmed many of the problems mentioned above.

All violations of the law documented by the EU Commission, remained without consequences – the miserable situation on animal transports remains unchanged.

Compassion in World Farming wrote per Twitter on January 26th 2020 about the tragedy in Midia...

“What is lacking is political will at European commission and member state level to reconfigure the EU livestock sector to avoid long journeys.”

No! there is no lack of political will!

We are governed by kleptocratic despots who work profitably and have made it possible for years that the meat mafia determines how animal transport and factory farming have to work.

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the color mouse as a pet

The color mouse represents the domesticated form of the house mouse.

It owes its name to its variety of colors.

Countless colors, which are divided into color groups and exciting sounding color drawings explain the expression “color mouse”.

But it’s not just their looks that are exciting. A look at their nature and their extraordinary senses shows how fascinating the little rodent is.

Color mice are not only characterized by their friendly nature and curiosity. In particular, they are highly social. They live in groups in which they take care of themselves. It is therefore not appropriate to keep a color mouse individually.

In contrast to rats, the cute rodents are not very keen on cuddling with humans.

Color mice can live up to 4 years if kept well.

From the fourth week on the females are sexually mature. Your wearing time is about 21 days. Depending on the age and nutritional status of the mother, a litter of up to 18 young can see the light of day. Immediately after birth, the female again presents herself as ready to conceive.

Mice are often referred to as “beginner pets” for children – but be careful!
They are demanding pets! Keeping these active creatures as pets requires extensive knowledge to avoid improper handling and ensure a long, healthy life.

Color mice are very fragile due to their size – they are not an easy-care entry-level pet for children.

There are some animal welfare issues to consider when deciding to keep colored mice as pets.

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And I mean…You have to adopt mice only from animal shelter.
However, here you should be aware that the “supply” is not determined by the “demand”, but by the taxes and emergencies that arise at animal shelters and foster homes.

Many interested persons decide on the look: agouti, black and albino are not in demand, “exotic” colors and drawings such as siam, blue or merle are much more in demand but end up in a shelter less often.

In addition, the pre-history of animals does not always leave the optics of some emergency mice without a trace.

Missing limbs, scars, eroded ears and the like tell of a difficult past of the animals, which is usually associated with incorrect posture.

As with all animals, these animals can also become lovable, trusting companions if you give them a chance despite their appearance.

Never buy a breeding animal. Adopt one from the animal shelter.

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We fight for animal rights

What right allows us
to determine
who loves and who doesn’t
who feels and who doesn’t
who is suffering and who is not,
who receives protection and who does not
who has rights and who doesn’t

This is the privilege of the ruler,
the so-called Homo Sapiens, whose main business is killing.

Best regards to all, Venus