Today, May 4th, is international respect for chickens day.⁠


Chickens are the animals that are most commonly bred and killed for their meat in Germany and worldwide.

They live a short life of 42 days in slavery, they suffer from illnesses and brute force.

Every year, 48 million male chicks on their first day of life are sorted out and cruelly killed. They don’t make a profit.

All animals that are kept as pure farm animals have no value in the eyes of meat producers.

They equate these living beings with garbage.

In the so-called intensive animal husbandry, the modern meat mafia strives to produce a maximum amount of meat, milk and eggs as quickly and inexpensively as possible – and with a minimum space requirement.

Like all farm animals, chickens are kept in small cages or barren halls – extremely narrow, extremely full of ammonia and urine.

This is factory farming.

Eating these animals and their products is cooperation in an everyday crime.

We have to make the right decisions and stop eating sentient beings.


Best regards to all, Venus


don’t be part of the exploitation system


Animal bodies don’t belong to us. Recognise this, and stop eating them.

Regards and good night from Venus

USA: Wet markets breed contagions like the coronavirus. The U.S. has thousands of them.

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With thanks to Stacey at ‘Our Compass’ for sending this info over to us.

Regards Mark


Wet markets breed contagions like the coronavirus. The U.S. has thousands of them.


May 4, 2020

Source The Washington Post

By Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix

The public health threat isn’t a foreign enemy. It’s here, too.

On April 3, Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, joined the chorus of voices calling for the immediate closure of China’s “wet markets,” where the coronavirus is widely believed to have originated. Butchers, trappers and consumers mingle openly, slaughtering and trading live animals; it is the perfect environment for zoonotic diseases to leap from an infected creature to a human.

But China is hardly the only country where live animal markets and other squalid operations are common. Some 80 of them operate within the five boroughs of New York City alone, according to Slaughter Free NYC, a nonprofit group that opposes them. They are near residences, schools and public parks.


(I watched millions of gallons of animal poop flooding across North Carolina)

Less notorious but much more commonplace threats to public health are the “concentrated animal feeding operations” (CAFOs) scattered throughout the South and Midwest. These factory farms warehouse thousands of animals that wallow in their own waste with limited or no airspace, routinely creating conditions for the proliferation of super bugs and zoonotic pathogens. Nearly the entire supply of animal products consumed in the United States originate from these industrial factory farms.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) have warned us against the risks of factory farms for years. The unsanitary living conditions inside CAFOs weaken animals’ immune systems and increase their susceptibility to infection and disease. The factory farms’ response has been to pump the animals full of antibiotics that make their way into our food supply and onto our dinner plates, systematically fostering in humans a lethal resistance to the medicines that once quelled everyday infections. Such practices have brought humanity to the point that the WHO now estimates that more than half of all human diseases emanate from animals.


(Your pork comes from a factory farm, no matter what anyone tells you)

Many of us are privileged enough to stay at home in safety with our loved ones to avoid the coronavirus. But how much thought are we giving to the individuals and communities that are directly affected by our choices and lifestyles? Tens of thousands of Americans face threats to their daily health and well-being from neighboring CAFOs and the animal waste that mists or flows over their properties. They are unable to be “safer at home.” Will we apply the same energy we have put into overcoming this virus into preventing future outbreaks and helping dismantle the industries inflicting so much damage to communities across the country?

As this disaster continues to ravage society, we must examine our role in the emergence of the coronavirus and our vulnerability to a growing number of diseases as a result of our impositions on the animal kingdom and the environment. This probe cannot end with bats, monkeys, pangolins and other exotic wildlife supposedly to blame for recent contagions. It should encompass all of the supporting industries that contribute to the debilitation of communities, our susceptibility to illnesses and our complete defenselessness in their wake. A real public-health reckoning would have us reshape our patterns of consumption, curbing our dependence on animal products. A bacteria-infested (and inhumane) food supply makes people sick.

Covid-19 is a devastating indicator of what’s to come if we don’t make rapid and sweeping changes, the least inconvenient of which is closing down all live-animal markets and CAFOs in the midst of this global pandemic.

Rooney Mara is an actor and activist.

Joaquin Phoenix is an actor and activist.


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Movistar Plus gives a voice to the bullfighting mafia

The Spaniards actually want to start bullfights without an audience again from June. How crazy is that?


The Bullfighters Union, together with the Movistar Plus Canal Toros, has planned a hypothetical bullfighting season in which the first 10 bullfights will take place next June.

A total of almost thirty fights are said to be televised. According to ABC from Seville, José Pedro Prados ‘El Fundi’, as President of the Union, has already contacted the first thirty bullfighters on the 2019 bullfighter list to host bullfights and horse fights.

Movistar Plus is definitely trying not to associate its brand with the abuse and death of the bulls. For this reason, the name Movistar Plus does not appear in the news published by ABC de Sevilla.

But AnimaNaturalis clearly points out that Movistar Plus is responsible for all of this.

With this initiative, ‘El Fundi’, President of the Union of Bullfighters, is hoping for the support of all institutions involved and is currently investigating possible scenarios for the development of new bullfighting strategies.

Fundi himself emphasizes that “the intention of this project is to create a campaign plan to save the bullfighting sector”. After these first ten battles, another significant number of broadcasts could continue.

This scenario is only intended to give bullfighting a voice and to ensure that “the thematic space is not lost. ” (!!!)

Movistar Plus itself assumes that no subscribers will be lost in its payment channel with this measure.

This shows how important it is to fight bullfighting right now.

Do not get tired and sign and share our petition.

We need every voice.

And I mean…All viewers who watch the live executions via Movistar Plus and are enthusiastic about it, even in Corona times, must be mentally weak primitives who want to forget their current misery and their catastrophic economic future through bloody spectacles on television.

The ruling left-wing coalition in Spain actually wants to cut all subsidies for the Corridas, and would like to ban them completely.
A referendum on this is already in preparation.

But the conservative and corrupt former Rahoy government, with its then parliamentary majority, declared bullfighting as a national intangible cultural asset in November 2013.

An eyesore in the deepest dark Spain.
And this shameful law still applies.

It is a serious impudence to think of the bullfighting program on TV during the coronary crisis, when many people are financially ruined and the country is most affected by the pandemic of all European countries.

But this is more than understandable.
Anyone who does bloody business with the bull massacre usually loses sympathy and humanity towards people.

My best regards to all, Venus


Dear all,


given the occasion, we, Mark and Venus want to say one thing: we are open to any opinion and criticism sent to us regarding our posts and our own opinions.

We are not writing here to distinguish ourselves, we run this blog as a defender of animal rights.

We would like to remind you that we are an independent, private blog that is neither behind an organization, religious group or political party nor financed by it.

That is why we see every justified criticism and comment as a support for this function.

We don’t always expect approval or applause, but when criticism comes, we expect arguments and substantiated evidence to show that the criticism is not against us, but rather to improve our work for animal rights. If we make mistakes, we are ready to correct them.

In this sense, we behave democratically towards all of our readers without betraying them to whom we have promised fidelity and loyalty: the animals.

It is clear to us that many of our articles and opinions, the Labor Meat and Hunter Mafia and several other animal haters do not like it.

That is not our problem and we can still live with it well.

Venus and Mark (WAV)


France: Badger diggers slaughter whole family using dogs, cries and screams of despair from helpless badgers – Pewtition to Sign.


Importance: High

Subject: PETITION:  (France) Badger diggers slaughter whole family using dogs, cries and screams of despair from helpless badgers

Nous avons infiltré le milieu de la vénerie sous terre ( photos and video)

Digging up badgers with the help of dogs and murdering the whole sleeping, peaceful family is considered a sport (!!!) in civilised FRANCE

Activists of the organisation ONE VOICE managed to infiltrate a group of these disgusting scumbags

Please sign and share the petition

Prenom – First Name

Nom – Main name

E mail

Ville – Village or town

ZIP – Postcode

Then click on ‘Je Signe’


England: Fury as swan shot in head four times while protecting nest in ‘cruel and horrible’ attack.

swan shot Stadt Moers Park Merseyside RSPCA

Fury as swan shot in head four times while protecting nest in ‘cruel and horrible’ attack

All pictures – RSPCA

A SWAN was shot in the head four times while trying to protect her nest in a shocking case of animal cruelty at a park in Merseyside.

The RSPCA was called to reports of an injured swan at Stadt Moers Park on Tuesday. The bird was rushed to the vets but had to be put down after four pellets were found in her head.

RSPCA inspector Louise Showering, who attended the incident with animal welfare officer Matt Brown, said the attack was “cruel and horrible”.

Insp Showering said: “When Matt and I arrived we could see two swans sitting on a nest containing eggs on the banks of the park’s lake.

“We were really concerned because we could see blood on one of the swans, so Matt changed into his specialist water rescue kit and made his way into the lake.

“He was able to get hold of the female easily, so we knew she was badly hurt.

“As we carried the swan away from the lake we could hear her mate calling for her, it was very upsetting, especially as he will now have to protect the eggs, but it is possible he may be successful in raising the young alone.

“To think someone has done this deliberately is absolutely terrible, I can’t imagine why someone would be so cruel to a wild animal.

“The local people who have watched the birds for some time are also extremely upset.”

The RSPCA is appealing for anyone with information to contact them.

Insp Showering added: “It’s an offence to kill or injure a wild bird, not to mention a really cruel and horrible thing to do.

“We’re appealing to anyone who may have any information, no matter how small, to get in touch.

“They can leave a message for me in complete confidence by calling our inspector appeal line number on 0300 123 8018.”

Twitter users reacted with fury to the attack on the swan.

Today AWO Brown was called to rescue a Swan from a pool in #Huyton, that had been shot 4 times & left to die, whilst trying to protect its nest. The Swan was rushed to the vets, but its injuries were too severe & so euthanasia was the kindest option. #stillhereforanimals 33

— RSPCA Frontline (@RSPCA_Frontline) April 28, 2020

One said: “Shocking. So sad to hear this. Thank you for trying to save a life.”

Another wrote: “Needless and tragic. We need stronger punishment for the sick and twisted individual’s that do this.”

A third commented: “Utterly heartbreaking.”

Another said: “Hope they catch whoever did this it sickens me that there are people who do these things to animals.”

A fifth asked: “Why are people so cruel?”

It is the latest in a spate of attacks after another swan was shot in Thatcham, Berkshire.

The RSPCA has dealt with 21,137 cases of animal cruelty since the coronavirus lockdown started on March 23.

The charity launched an emergency appeal last month to keep rescuers on the frontline during the pandemic.