In the name of God?


Forgotten mercy and compassion in the blink of an eye just for absurd personal fulfillment!
No loving God would like the suffering and death of an innocent.

But Sister Jhon Paul Bauer of the Benedictine diocese of Eire, Pennsylvania, with her sacrosanct smile seems to make a mustache of the 5th commandment “DO NOT KILL” and is immortalized with her hunting trophy!

You preach well but act badly, Sister!

(Gabriella Dimastrodonato)

Regards and good night from Venus

Animal testing: legalized animal cruelty

Salamanders cut their nerves – This is how animals are tortured in Dresden’s animal laboratories.


Axolotl are Mexican salamanders that have the ability to regrow injured organs or even limbs very quickly.

At the University Hospital Dresden, Germany, nerves are cut to watch them grow again. In mice, colon cancer or a heart attack is artificially triggered, sheep are drilled holes in the skull.

In a new leaflet, the nationwide association Doctors Against Animal Experiments criticized animal experiments in Dresden’s laboratories as ethically unjustifiable and scientifically nonsensical.

“In animal experiments, animals are degraded to measuring instruments that are thrown away after use, but animals are sentient, suffering creatures, ”says Dr. med. vet. Corina Gericke, vice president of “doctors against animal experiments”.

However, animal experiments should also be rejected from a scientific point of view, because the animal experimental system is based on the wrong approach of trying to imitate human diseases in so-called animal models.

In the heart center of Dresden, a coronary artery is tied in healthy mice to simulate a heart attack.
The artificially made animals have nothing to do with human patients and their complex situation.

Important aspects of disease development such as nutrition, lifestyle, harmful environmental influences as well as psychological and social factors are completely ignored in this type of research.

At the clinic for visceral, thoracic and vascular surgery, locally limited colon tumors are produced in mice by injecting special viruses.

IKEM Experimental Laboratory Center in Prague February 18 2010

Depending on the type of tumor, the animals usually die from an intestinal obstruction as a result of the tumor after 80-200 days.

Colon cancer is said to be “standardized” in mice.

“However, the human being is not standardized, but influenced by countless factors,” complains Gericke. “Such a ‘model’ is far from any reality and the results of it are completely irrelevant for human medicine. It would make a lot more sense to research colon cancer on intestinal organoids, or mini-organs, generated from human cells. ”

In the opinion of the medical association, the trials with Axolotl of the Clinic for Neurosurgery are particularly perfidious research.
The sciatic nerve is cut through to the amphibians.

After 7 and 14 days, the hind leg is cut open again to photograph the nerve.
Over the next 4 months, a total of 78 animals will be gradually killed.

“Even if the experimenters find out how the axolotl does this to regenerate amputated limbs and nerves, we humans will never get this ability,” explains the veterinarian.

In another example from the University of Dresden, sheep are drilled 3 holes in each skull and filled with different materials.

According to “Doctors Against Animal Experiments”, it makes no sense to study bone healing in sheep because that have a completely different bone metabolism than humans.


In a 26-part series, the association informs Doctors Against Animal Experiments about animal experiments in a specific city. Dresden, No. 26, is the newest sheet in this series.

The association wants to sensitize the local population to support its demand for innovative animal-free research with mini-organs and multi-organ chips grown from human cells.

My comment: “Every substance poisons only certain animal species (or only in certain doses). So you can “prove” what you want with animal experiments, and vice versa.

If you choose the right animal species, a medication can be described as harmless or toxic, as effective or as useless as you wish.

So animal testing is an unscientific method, a methodical error; and science based on wrong methodology can only be bad science. It is our job to correct this mistake. “
(Prof. Dr. med. Pietro Croce)

With unspeakable suffering for the animals and decades of support with hundreds of millions of taxes, animal experiments are even lucrative fun for the researchers.

Thousands of doctoral theses that can be googled today provide sad proof of how unscrupulous today’s medical professionals are and how easily they can go over the animal corpses to make a career.

The system of applications to ethics committees to prevent animal suffering is probably a joke.

In the application process, the entire test procedure is flattened into a phrase with a previously determined result.

This means that even if an experiment is associated with severe suffering, the animal has no chance of escaping scientific torture if the abolition of the experiment contradicts the goal of the experiment.

The results of animal experiments do not guarantee transferability to humans.
Even worse! there is no direct link between animal testing and rescuing a person.

However, since everyone can create and interpret animal experiments in a way that suits their own interests, the freedom to kill millions of animals has been legalized.

So there is undoubtedly a lot of suffering.

Despite this suffering, science does not provide meaningful data.

In the 1970s, the companies Sandoz, Ciba-Geigy and Hoffmann-LaRoche alone poisoned 2 million animals every year in gruesome, lengthy procedures. Among them tens of thousands of dogs, cats and monkeys.

A monetary transaction in which the pharmaceutical and chemical industries generate double profits that we have reported on many times.

Letting 42 million animals suffer worldwide from questionable experiments in one year alone (no butcher has such rights !!) – is a crime that nor can it be justified by the evolutionarily acquired intellectual and technical superiority of human being.

Image: SOKO Tierschutz


My best regards to all, Venus