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Wildlife Traffickers Are Openly Selling Pangolins on Facebook

Here are a few links we have done in the past re Pangolins:

Pakistan's pangolins fall victim to Chinese demand, misinformation ...

Photo – Earth Journalism Network

Wildlife Traffickers Are Openly Selling Pangolins on Facebook

Posted by Jane Wolfe | May 8, 2020

Pangolins are being traded on Facebook despite the social media platform prohibiting the sale of live animals or products derived from endangered species, an investigation by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP) revealed.

A number of Facebook pages openly sell live pangolins and pangolin scales, which are typically used in traditional Chinese medicine, according to the Campaign for Accountability (CfA).

“The ant-eating pangolin, which is found in parts of Asia and Africa, is considered the most trafficked mammal in the world,” the report reads. “But the sale of pangolins on Facebook has become even more troublesome given their potential role in the coronavirus pandemic. The animal has emerged as a possible intermediate host in the transmission of COVID-19 to humans.”

Despite Facebook joining the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online — which aims to reduce the illegal sale of wild animals by 80 percent across tech platforms by 2020 — CfA found the social media company is not effectively policing its own policy.

“Poachers and their dealers should not be able to openly sell illegally trafficked pangolins on Facebook and its platforms,” said CfA Executive Director Daniel E. Stevens. “Facebook claims that it prohibits the sale of endangered or threatened animals on its platforms, but pangolins are easily available for anyone who searches for the animal. This is yet another example of Facebook failing to enforce its own rules across its platform.”

Pangolins are not the only endangered species being sold on Facebook’s platform, according to the report. The social media giant has also been accused by animal welfare campaigners of serving adverts on pages offering threatened species’ body parts, including rhino horns, elephant ivory and tiger teeth. Corporations need to be held accountable for their actions.


There is only the crime and the criminals

When we talk about poaching, there are pictures of bloody rhinos that poachers have cut off the horn. Mountains of ivory, tiger skins.

But! who would have thought that we face similar problems here in the middle of Germany and Europe?

Poisoned female lynx Tessa © Bavarian Forest National Park

Illegal killings of wolves, lynxes and birds of prey have been around for a long time.

The modern poachers often come at night and by car.
They blind the game with strong headlights, then shoot.

In order not to attract attention, they use relatively quiet, small-caliber weapons – or crossbows, because anyone can buy them freely.

The animals are often injured, flee and die days or weeks later.

Hardly any animal species is safe from forbidden shootings. It has been proven that seven wolves have been illegally killed in Saxony alone in recent years.

Lynxes regularly disappear in the Bavarian Forest Between 2010 and 2016, at least five animals were killed, 14 are considered missing.

The dark numbers are much higher, because mostly shot wolves are hurled at the roadside to pretend a car accident.

Between 1999 and 2020, 440 wolves were found dead in Germany.

335 of the wolves were killed in traffic accidents and 45 wolves were illegally killed during this periodIn the Bavarian Forest, lynxes regularly disappear in a “Bermuda Triangle” beyond the national park borders.

In 2015, three deliberately killed lynxes were found here. Between 2010 and 2016, at least five animals were killed, 14 animals are considered missing.

In 2017, lynx “Alus” was found in the alpine border area between Germany and Austria without front legs and skulls and torn intestines, and projectile particles were also found in the body.

In the monitoring year 2018/2019, 13 lynxes were found dead.

The situation is opaque because there is no central documentation of all cases and a high number of unreported cases must also be assumed. Because: If the killed animals are not deliberately placed in publicly visible places, they are found randomly.

Walkers who walk away from the paths encounter animals or illegal traps. Since there is no targeted search, one can only speculate about the actual extent of poaching in Germany.

The criminal methods used by the perpetrators include poison baits, folding traps, catch baskets and firearms.
Different types of traps are used as baits with live animals.

A female lynx was even strangled with a wire loop.

There are only a few successfully cleared up cases of illegal killing of strictly protected wild animals in Germany. The prosecution and police often niche the persecution of these cases because the persecution takes precedence over other offenses.

For example: A shooter who shot a wolf during a hunt in Saxony-Anhalt in 2009 was found, but the district court decided not to open a main trial because it could not identify a sufficient suspicion.

The perpetrator has admitted that he thought the wolf was a stray dog (!!!)

And I mean…Have I understood that correctly? The poacher kills only for kill, the hunter because he respects nature responsibly?

It is very convenient for hunters to hold poachers responsible for these executions.
So the “good” don’t want anything to do with the “killers”.

There are no good and bad killers.
There is only crimes and criminals.

We live in a perpetrator-friendly society with a perpetrator-friendly judiciary, and it can immediately be seen that the corrupt governments are too weak and too cowardly to punish the network of such criminals.

Unfortunately not only in Germany.
But here we claim that we are sophisticated and cultivated.

There is no longer an excuse for the massacre of animals in the forest by the psychopathic murderers in Germany.
They are criminals who deliberately and cruelly murder defenseless animals for fun.

And it is a shame that German society, with its 83 million, allows to be intimidated from such a miserable minority of 0.45!


My best regards to all, Venus


Various Petitions – Please Sign and Support.

Punish Woman Who Starved Her Dying Grandma’s Dogs To Death

Lani Elizabeth Taylor was asked to look after her dying grandmother’s two dogs. Instead of caring for the pups, Taylor let them die a slow and agonizing death by starvation. The veterinarian who performed the necropsy on the dogs’ bodies stated that they “suffered severely until they passed.”

The veterinarian report also states:

“Based on the photos of the scene there was no food or water present, but also no feces/urine in the kennels where the canines were found. Trapped canines will ingest their own feces/urine in order to survive for as long as possible to survive.”

Taylor’s grandmother had asked asked for the dogs to be cared for while she was in hospice for cancer – if Taylor was unable to care for the dogs, she was to find them new homes or take them to a shelter. Instead, she put them in cages and let them die a slow, painful death.

Please join us in asking for Taylor to receive the maximum sentence for her cruel crime. Taylor does not deserve a plea deal and she should never be allowed to own a pet!

Sign here:

Puppy Reportedly Strangled and Thrown to Ground Deserves Justice

Target: Kim Ogg, District Attorney of Harris County, Texas

Goal: Pursue charges against individuals reportedly caught on tape hitting and strangling dogs.

If two recent cases of apparent animal cruelty are any indication, Houston has become the latest ground-zero for horrific abuse gone unpunished. Both cases involved dogs and puppies caught on video reportedly being seriously injured by their supposed caretakers. In the first video, a dog tied up with shoestrings is seemingly battered in the face over and over with a knife. The second video allegedly depicts a puppy being strangled and then callously thrown to the ground outside the premises.

Fortunately, both animals—and a second puppy also taken from the dog’s residence—are now safe and under the care of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Yet despite seeming concrete evidence, neither of these cases has resulted in charges. In fact, the DA’s office refused to pursue charges in one case due to supposed “insufficient evidence.”

Sign this petition to demand justice be served for these survivors of apparently blatant animal cruelty caught on tape.

Petition link:

Justice for Dogs Killed, Packed in Styrofoam and Smuggled for Vietnam’s Meat Trade


PETITION TARGET: Vietnamese Ambassador to the U.S. Ha Kim Ngoc

After traffic police stopped a passenger bus in the Nghe An province of Vietnam, an overwhelming stench alerted the officers to the horror of over 1,300 pounds of rotting dog and cat corpses packed into styrofoam boxes to be transported and sold in a Hanoi meat market, according to VN Express.

These innocent animals likely endured unimaginable suffering before being slaughtered and shipped off for human consumption. Sadly, there is no law banning the sale or transportation of dog and cat meat in Vietnam, but transporting goods from an unknown origin is illegal. The bus driver, Dinh Minh Hieu, failed to provide documentation for the shipment, and police are currently unsure about where it came from.

Dogs and cats are frequently trapped in small, barren wire cages, beaten to death, and burned or boiled alive for Vietnam’s cruel dog and cat meat trade. Languishing in slaughterhouses and live animal markets, these creatures are at risk of spreading deadly diseases and parasites, greatly endangering human lives.

Sign this petition urging Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc to push for a full investigation and strong prosecution in this case, and an end to the cruel and hazardous dog and cat meat trade throughout the country.

Petition link:

I just watched a video where two heartless teenagers claimed the life of a baby kitten who was stomped to death. We cannot continue to allow these types of people to harm innocent animals !!

Thank you,’s team

Petition link:


Indonesia: Dog VS wild boar is barbarism

Dogs and wild boars fight until death in the traditional Indonesian hunting game!

That has long been criticized by animal rights activists. It was originally intended as a check to test the dog’s hunting ability on wild boar. But the spectator sport has also developed to run the whole game as profit-oriented gambling.

In the middle of a bamboo arena under the cheering mob, the dog is rushed to the wild boar where a life and death battle begins.


The controversial Indonesian custom, also known as “Adu Bagong”, is usually held in remote villages in the West Java province of Indonesia, where a dog and a wild boar compete in a 15x30m arena.

Source: Reuters

Participants who had groomed and fed their dogs outside the arena before the game said that participating in the sports was a way to preserve a cultural practice that had been going on for decades.

The game started around the 1960s and started when local farmers wanted to protect their farms from wild boar.

Source: Reuters

The competition takes place every weekend in different villages and is judged by the agility of the dog and the duration of the dog’s biting.

Both animals are forced to fight until one of them is injured. If the boar survives the attack of a first dog, its wounds will be treated and then it will have to face another dog.

Injured boars are slaughtered.

The injured dogs are also treated for their wounds. “Hunting is an inseparable community culture,” said Nur Hadi, leader of a hunting dog enthusiast group, Hiparu. And despite criticism from animal rights activists, it should not be abolished.

Activists have been calling for years to stop this popular crime.

Source: Reuters

“The government and NGOs should set out to stop this cruelty to animals and educate people that dogfighting is illegal,” said Indonesian animal rights activist Marison Guciano. “The game is a criminal act against the animals.”

The breeder Agus Badud argued that the activity had increased the “economic value” of their dogs.

“I am following this competition to increase the sales price and economic value of my dogs, and it will be of no use to me as a breeder if I do not take part in such a competition,” said the dog owner to Reuters.

He keeps 40 dogs in his house.

Source: Reuters

To enter the fight, dog owners pay at least 200,000 to two million Indonesian rupiahs ($ 14-150), and the dogs are divided into three categories depending on their breed, weight, and track record. The winners will receive a cup and cash prize of around $ 2000.

Numerous international animal protection organizations have been mobilizing against this “tradition” for some years now and have called for an end to the fighting.

Wendy Higgins, spokeswoman for the Humane Society International, argues to journalists:

“The vicious and exploitative battle of dogs and wild boar in Indonesia is a worrying spectacle that must be condemned. Seeing animals brutally fighting each other should never be seen as entertainment or excused as culture”.

Finally, she adds:
“It is not only extreme cruelty to animals, but it humiliates us as humans to propagate such barbarism as fun. Any tradition that makes a sentient being the victim of violence should be thrown into the garbage heap of history”.

The campaign of animal welfare NGOs now shows its first success: In 2017, the NGO Scorpion Wildlife announced on Facebook that the first battle arena in Pacet, West Java, had been closed by the police.

And I mean…In front of the roaring spectators, the pig and the trained fighting dog tear each other to pieces. If the dog and the trainer win, there is a juicy reward, and the breeding value of the dog increases.

In any case, the fate of the wild boar ends horribly: either it holds up well, then it is repeatedly forced into the arena or the butcher comes by.

Although many people in these countries have no choice but to make a living in this way, it is cultivated in this cosmos to benefit from the suffering of animals.

Indonesia: Dogs and wild boars fight – Source: Reuters

The same applies to western civilization: dog fights are illegal, but Spanish bullfighting is legal. It is actually unfair and even shameful that visitors are still allowed to visit bullfighting arenas.

The bull also dies a cruel death with the dagger by human hand at the end of the fight. And Spain also justifies bullfighting – and the barbaric end of animals – with the term cultural heritage.

The arena’s visitors, who enjoy the animal’s suffering, reward each painful blow with the lance that pierces the bull into the flesh with Olé calls.

Anyone who enjoys such initiated brutality can only be described as a sadist – all over the world.

My best regards to all, Venus