Austria: great aktion against meat consumption

Austria: Association against animal factories (VGT)

Experts worldwide warn of the danger of animal use as one of the greatest risk factors for the development of new, dangerous diseases.

Activists protested in front of meat counters against animal use and meat production.

Text: “Your factory farming leads to pandemics
or DIE”


Corona in slaughterhouses

Not only the wildlife markets suspected of origin have to be criticized. The corona outbreaks in numerous US and German slaughterhouses show how quickly dangerous germs can also spread in this system.

The exploitation of the animals meets there with mostly poor working conditions for the staff – a combination that causes maximum damage.

“With this campaign, we want to draw your attention to the fact that we not only have to look at the wild animal markets but also that we have to change something directly in our company. Animal production, intensive animal husbandry, slaughter, meat consumption – something has to change here!”


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And I mean… I quote a comment that just shows that we deserve a second corona:

“It has nothing to do with animal welfare, nothing with veganism, nothing with ecology or sustainability. It is simply a dangerous form of actionism that we cannot tolerate. No matter in which area.
A limit was crossed here”.

The border has long been crossed in all slaughterhouses around the world.

Of unscrupulous meat producers, farm owners, and their lobbyists in government posts who use our money to conduct criminal and (often) illegal business with the “livestock” animals.

No slogan in the world can be hard enough to describe this hell.

Such apolitical and indifferent idiots are the feed of this fascist system.

We would like to thank the activists for their great action!

My best regards to all, Venus


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