France: The hidden side of Roquefort

Roquefort is produced from sheep’s milk. To produce this milk, the sheep must give birth to one or two young each year.

Thus, more than 500,000 lambs are born each year for the production of Roquefort. In excess, three-quarters of them are sent to intensive farms where they will be fattened for meat.

As is the case in this Aveyron farm, SARL Grimal, one of the largest farms in France.

The lambs are crammed into pens without access to the outside. Some are dying slowly in the farm and die before reaching 4 months when they are sent to the slaughterhouse.


Some of these lambs were killed at the Arcadie Sud-Ouest slaughterhouse near Rodez. Some receive electric shocks that are thought to numb them and cause a heart attack.

Here, the process is not controlled by the employees, so that animals receive the shock without being dizzy. Others are slaughtered alive. Lambs see each other die.

Many are still hanging on the slaughter line.

roquefort 6

These serious offenses had already been noted in a veterinary report in 2016. Four years later, nothing has changed. Let us demand the closure of this slaughterhouse.

The petition, sign, and share:


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And I mean…People who work in the slaughterhouse and massacre hundreds of animals every day MUST be dull and empathetic, that’s the basic qualification to be able to do the job at all.

Who slits throats every day and is compassionate?
This is the ruling reality not only in this slaughterhouse but everywhere.

But the main cause of this genocide, which is practiced every day on non-human animals, is ALL who eat animals and their products.

The undocumented suffering of farm animals is actually much, much worse, but those who cause it don’t want to know about it.
Thousands of such videos can still appear, but meat consumers only rationalize them as an “obvious exception” and “individual misconduct” at the fault of the slaughterhouse staff

Therefore I don’t expect our criminal practices against animals to recede after this year’s pandemic subsides, so let’s take bets on from where our next gut punch to our human privilege will come.

Cow’s milk? Sealife? Unfertilized chicken eggs? Roquefort?

I won’t cry when the inevitable next one hits either.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: Undercover Viva! Expose Pig Production for Morrison; One of Top 5 UK Supermarkets.


A very well known in UK animal rights group – especially for their recent campaign against Hogwood –!_(organisation)

Juliet and the crew at Viva !   have now undertaken another major investigation – this time pigs at Morrisons.   For our non UK visitors; we are fortunately not talking Australian PM here; but a UK supermarket chain; probably in the top 5 in the UK. You can see from this link how many stores they have:

The following is copied directly, without amendment; from Viva !:

Bowser view link –

Or here is the wording:



Disturbing footage from our latest undercover investigation into two British pig farms exposes shocking conditions at farms supplying Morrisons. Workers were filmed brutally killing young pigs, mutilating others and leaving dead animals out in the open.

  • Calvesley Farm is a pig breeding facility operated by Winterbrook Farm Partners. Up to 400 poor piglets are born in this hellhole each week.

  • Whiteshoot Farm is a rearing and fattening facility also operated by Winterbrook Farm Partners, housing more than 8,000 pigs.

The investigations took place over the course of three weeks, using hidden cameras to reveal atrocities both inside and outside the farms’ sheds.




and see video footage.


Shocking mutilations


Each newborn piglet is pulled from the farrowing crate and ruthlessly thrown into a metal trough. Investigators captured workers using a barbaric hot knife to slice the piglets’ tails back to a bleeding stump and a pair of pliers to clip away their teeth – all without pain relief.

These cruel acts are supposed to prevent tail biting, a behaviour that manifests from distress and lack of stimulation.

One of the most distressing scenes captured by Viva! Campaigns shows a farm worker ‘knocking’ young piglets – killing them by slamming their tiny heads onto the concrete floor.

It’s a brutally cruel act, which is followed by the worker dumping the bodies aside – presumably because these animals were considered too small to be profitable.


Incinerating public health

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, our team also stumbled upon the farm’s incinerator in an open-ended shed. Most days there were piles of dead piglets – some in empty feed sacks, others dumped on the ashes from previous burns – discarded like rubbish. The door had been left wide open. Next to the shed there were more dead piglets awaiting their turn to burn, writhing in maggots.

One of the most distressing scenes captured by Viva! Campaigns shows a farm worker ‘knocking’ young piglets – killing them by slamming their tiny heads onto the concrete floor.

It’s a brutally cruel act, which is followed by the worker dumping the bodies aside – presumably because these animals were considered too small to be profitable.

These practices are in complete violation of the government’s guidance on how to handle ‘fallen stock’, which states: ‘While waiting for your fallen stock to be collected, you must ensure that animals and birds cannot access the carcase.’


How you can help


Your funds not only provide us with vital equipment to carry out investigations but also the budgets to launch major publicity stunts and campaigns:

  • £10 will buy our investigators additional 32GB SD cards

  • £20 will buy our investigators much needed biosecurity and PPE

  • £50 will buy our investigators additional power packs for hidden cameras

  • £60+ will buy our investigators additional cameras, which often need replacement due to stress of use or damage

As part of our overarching End Factory Farming campaign our major action plan includes:

  • An innovative YouTube ad campaign, featuring a range of footage from our undercover investigations

  • Greater social media promotion with targeted messaging on how and why to go vegan

  • The launch of our brand-new seven-day vegan initiative, V7

  • And a range of billboards throughout the country, as and when lockdown allows for maximum impact

We know times are tough and as ever we appreciate every contribution made, no matter the size. Mark, together we will end factory farming, before it ends us!

Yours for the animals

Juliet Gellatley
Founder & Director



WAV Comment: Link to undercover investigation videos; select any of the videos shown here:



China: So Yulin Is The Answer To Covid 19 ? – You Say It ‘Wards Off Disease’. We Say – Liars and Animal Abusers.


The 10-day annual festival in the southwestern city of Yulin usually attracts thousands of visitors. Cat meat, fresh lychees and liquor are also sold at the festival. It began in 2009 to mark the summer solstice. Eating dog meat in the summer months is traditionally believed to be good for health.

It can ward off diseases and increase sexual performance in men, according to some. The custom can be traced back at least 400 years in China and around 10-20 million dogs are killed every year for consumption.

China dog meat festival goes ahead despite coronavirus visitor decline


In Fight to Ban Dog Meat, China’s Activists Find an Ally: The Coronavirus

Chinese market vendors chop up rows of slaughtered dogs while locals enjoy meals on the ‘dog meat street’ as Yulin celebrates notorious festival despite coronavirus pandemic



GRAPHIC WARNING: CHINA’s notorious dog meat festival has opened in defiance of a government campaign to improve animal welfare and reduce risks to health highlighted by the coronavirus outbreak, but activists are hopeful its days are numbered.



USA: SeaWorld – Will It Stay Afloat ?




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SeaWorld raises cash to stay afloat but can it survive prolonged park closures due to coronavirus?

The theme park company says it was seeing record attendance during first two months of 2020 before the coronavirus shutdown hit

By Lori Weisberg

In a move to shore up its finances during a pandemic that last month forced it to shut down its 12 theme parks, SeaWorld Entertainment announced Tuesday it is raising $227.5 million through a private offering that it can use to help pay its bills.

While the company reported it had seen record attendance and revenue during January and February of this year, the good news quickly soured the following month when it closed all its parks on March 16 and later furloughed 95 percent of its workers starting the first of this month.


Read more at the link above.

As SeaWorld Parks remain closed because of COVID-19, the company has taken proactive financial steps to protect its customers, employees and animals.

SeaWorld Entertainment has taken financial steps in response to lockdown measures that are still in place accross America. Interim CEO, Marc Swanson, said that the steps they have taken “will provide us with significant financial flexibility and liquidity to operate in this unprecedented and highly uncertain environment.”

Reducing expenditure

Seaworld Entertainment has reduced its executive officers’s base salary by 20% until its theme parks resume normal operations. Furthermore, the company has substantially reduced its marketing and advertising spending.

Read the full article at:

SeaWorld CEO resigns amid coronavirus furloughs

Marc G. Swanson serving as interim CEO at least through reopening of parks


ORLANDO, Fla. – SeaWorld has named a temporary chief executive officer following the resignation of Sergio D. Rivera, according to the news release.

Rivera, the most recent chief executive officer of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. notified the company of his decision to resign last week, days after SeaWorld announced 90% of employees would be furloughed amid closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. Company officials said Rivera also stepped down from his duties as a member of the company’s board of directors.

According to the release, Rivera said his resignation was due to disagreements over the board’s involvement in the decision making at SeaWorld.

Rivera was on the job for less than five months.

Read the full article via the above link.


Scotland to introduce five year jail term for animal cruelty.



WAV Comment – up to 5 years imprisonment and an unlimited fine – well done Scotland (UK) for sending the message out that animal abuse will not be accepted. Lets hope this policy is adopted in many other places !


Scotland to introduce five year jail term for animal cruelty

Scotland will have the toughest penalties for animal cruelty in the UK – thanks to a new Bill passed in Parliament this week.

MSPs have supported increased penalties for the worst animal cruelty cases.

And Finn’s Law will also give new legal protections for service animals such as police dogs and horses, removing a legal defence of self-defence for attacks on service animals in the course of their duties.

The Animals and Wildlife (Scotland) Bill will increase the maximum penalty for the worst animal cruelty crimes to five years imprisonment and an unlimited fine.

Animal welfare enforcement agencies will also be given innovative new powers, allowing animals taken into their care to be quickly rehomed – without the need for a court order.

Mairi Gougeon, Rural Affairs Minister, said: “This Bill is an important milestone in Scotland’s long tradition of protecting our animals and wildlife.

“The increased maximum available penalties reflect the seriousness of some of the very cruel crimes seen against domestic and wild animals, although these cases are, thankfully, rare.

“Finn’s Law, named after a police dog brutally injured in the course of its duties, recognises the important role service animals play in protecting us in sometimes very difficult circumstances.

“The Bill also provides new powers, described as ‘transformative’ by the SSPCA, that will allow animal welfare enforcement agencies to quickly rehome animals in their care.”

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals welcomed the government’s decision.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity, which is reponsible for investigating animal cruelty and rehoming animals seized on welfare grounds, said the law will be game-changing for both animals and the organisation.

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Holland: shutdown of the fur farms, in a hurry: by the end of the year !!!!

For a good start to the day!

After the coronavirus outbreaks in Dutch mink farms, all of this type of farm in the country should, according to the will of Parliament, be closed by the end of the year.

A corresponding proposal from the Social Democrats and the Party for Animals was passed yesterday.

The Parliament also called on the government to ban the breeding of animals “susceptible” to the coronavirus.

The Dutch authorities had more than 1,500 minks killed in the past few weeks after the virus appeared in nine farms. At least two employees of the farms contracted the pathogen.

The authorities assume that the virus has been transmitted from the mink to the employees.

According to the animal welfare organization Humane Society International, there are currently 128 mink farms in the Netherlands.

The breeding of mink fur was fiercely controversial in the country even before the virus broke out.


My comment…And since we have failed miserably as a species, we would like to thank the pandemics for intervening and perhaps doing what we are currently not able to do – namely abolish fur farms.

It would be optimal to abolish the torture farms of ALL breeding animals, and the current mass infections in slaughterhouses can be a good start in this direction.

Over the years we have learned to be patient and therefore we look forward to small successes too.

My best regards to all, Venus