Spain: the betrayal of the Podemos to the animals


The Spanish Ministry of Culture enables the bullfighting sector to benefit from the CREA Fund for “Fine Arts Professionals” (!!!)

Once again, the government, administrations, and political parties have sided with those who enjoy torturing and killing animals.

PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español) and Podemos (Left Party Spain`s) have given in to the pressure from the bullfighting sector and are offering financial support (especially with public funds) to save bullfighting, which the vast majority of society rejects.

With the crisis caused by COVID-19, there is a risk that bullfighting will be condemned to inevitable disappearance.

However, the PSOE and Podemos have decided to save this sector and prolong the agony of thousands of bulls, oxen, heifers, and other animals tortured and killed in bull rings and streets.

The Minister for Culture and Sport, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, published and announced financial support for the cultural sector last Friday.

For example, the bullfighting sector can make use of the CREA fund, for which a credit line of EUR 40 million is planned for the ‘professionals of the fine arts’ (!!!)

PACMA has given a voice to the society in Spain, which is calling for a ban on bullfighting, and encouraged the Minister of Culture to immediately listen to the outcry from the citizens.

However, the government has decided to betray the absolute majority of society and to continue torturing the animals.

… and we help and support PACMA sign and share our petition.


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And I mean...It is a corrupt political decision, a betrayal of the animals.
It only shows the decay of the left.

The Podemos’ promise for the abolition of bullfighting proves to be a propaganda staging before the November 2019 elections in order to capture new voices.

“We don’t have to worry about the anti-capitalist alternatives because capitalism has no alternatives, no enemies other than itself,” the left said in the 1980s.

In the case of Spain, we are actually not worried about capitalism, but about the Podemos.
They are our enemies now.
Traitor and loyal to the powerful! those were formerly our enemies and now these are the Podemos.!

And not only the Podemos, but that is also the left today. At least in Europe.

My best regards to all, Venus

Austria: the failed uprising of a slave

A 44-year-old was injured by a cow in the Innsbruck-Land district (Austria) a week ago.

The man was unloading the animal from the trailer on the way to the butcher when the cow became aggressive (!!!)

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He could no longer hold the animal and the cow ran away. The man was injured by a kick on the thigh.

The police reported that the animal was shot “because of the unpredictability of the animal and the risk that it would run onto the busy road,” because the animal ran into an open space next to a federal highway.

A hunter or, more precisely, a butcher was notified.
The federal road was completely closed during the period of use.

And I mean…Every slave uprising was always severely punished.

Now he is dead, shot by the solidarity partners of the slave owners, who are always on the perpetrator side, and declare the murder in the protocol, “for road safety”.

You have to be an asshole to demonstrate all your power on the weak and defenseless.

My best regards to all, Venus

England: SPANA – Providing FREE Veterinary Care to Owners of Working Animals Around the World. All Funded By Supporters.



SPANA is a wonderful animal organisation as you can see from the links below. I am pleased to be a SPANA supporter knowing that my monthly donation goes towards assisting animals in so much need around the world. Take a trip here and see how working animals are being supported without cost to the owners; all from donations and funds provided by supporters.

Regards Mark.

SPANA; or the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad; is based in London, England. It also has an office n Australia:   – Established in 1923, SPANA’s goal is simple: to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities. Through three key areas – treating, training and teaching – we’re inspiring others to act in the best interests of working animals while also providing practical, professional and sustainable solutions today. We recognise that the fortunes of working animals and people go hand in hand: in the developing world, just one working animal can support an extended family of up to 30 people. SPANA’s work improves the lives of working animals while supporting the communities that depend on them. We rely entirely on our loyal supporters to help us in our huge but vital task.

Our History

In 1923, Kate Hosali and her daughter Nina set off for North Africa as tourists; it was a journey that would last a lifetime. As they travelled through the countryside, passing bustling souks, remote communities and rural farms, they were inspired by much of what they saw. But they were also struck by the awful sight of donkeys, mules and camels – malnourished, weak, buckling under the weight of huge loads; suffering with wounds inflicted by poorly fitting harnesses.

Nations in which they currently work include:

Tanzania –

Somaliland –

South Africa –

Sierra Leone –

Peru –

Namibia –

Mongolia –

Liberia –

Kenya –

India –

Ghana –

Cameroon –

Jordan –

Morocco –

Myanmar –

Botswana –

Zimbabwe –

Mali –

Tunisia –

Mauritania –

Etheopia –

Click on the following link to see all the areas of the world where SPANA is helping to make the lives of working animals so much better:

Via this link you can make donations and also sign up to the SPANA Newsletter.


New Zealand: Pigs Have Had Their Day In Court – Now We Wait for Judge’s Decision.



Kia ora Mark

Thank you for helping us make history.

We wake today knowing we put everything in to the court case challenging the use of farrowing crates. The past two days have been a rollercoaster for the legal team and for those who joined us for this historic moment, either in the High Court or online. 

The Judge has gone to consider the arguments from both sides and will come back to us with a ruling. We are now anxiously waiting for any updates, and you will all know as soon as we do. We will also post updates here on our website.

Thank you for your support for mother pigs leading up to this case.

Thank you for the petition signatures, for the meetings with your MP, for the emails to government.

Thank you for joining as we stood on the steps of Parliament and handed over the largest petition in five years, for watching us as we presented to the Select Committee. 

Thank you for your generosity and kindness as we worked with the New Zealand Animal Law Association to see this through in the High Court, and as we spoke in front of a Judge for those that do not have a voice. 

Thank you for your kind words, your time, and your donations. Pigs have had their day in court because of you. 

We will be in touch as soon as we hear from the Courts.

Until then, as always – for the pigs,

Debra Ashton
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Keep your eyes on our website and on Facebook for updates on the outcome of this case, and where to next.