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England: Bee Hotels and Dormouse Boxes.



19 Mar 11 resize

2020: the year the whole world went full retard

Coronavirus deaths in the Netherlands have plummeted. Still, the government has ordered the slaughter of 10,000 captive mink, the first sign of a potential US-style mass cull.

Bred in captivity for their fur, mink are subjected to some appalling conditions throughout their short lives. However, the coronavirus pandemic has introduced a new threat to the lives of these creatures.

After their handlers infected mink on Dutch farms with Covid-19 in April, and after at least two farm workers caught the disease off the mink, the Dutch government ordered 10,000 of the animals to be culled on Wednesday.

Farmworkers in protective clothing will gas the mink en masse before a disposal plant takes care of the bodies and the farms are disinfected (!!!)

In the course of the coming days, all eight affected companies should be cleared. There are still around 150 fur farms in the Netherlands.


From 2024, breeding mink is prohibited after a court decision.

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And I mean…The authority speaks of the evacuation of the fur farms and the gassing of the animals.

As if we were in Hitler’s time.

Has the Dutch government never heard of a release?
Even if part of the mink is run over, the rest will live in freedom.
THAT would be a humane solution.

But because criminal governments provide support to the mass murderers in the animal industry, the 10,000 mink have to fall a victim.

It looks like a financial bankruptcy of this branch in the Netherlands.
Hopefully, the operators commit suicide..

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Canada: Dead black bear dumped in ditch; hunter ticketed for littering. A reflection of a Nation ?

Dead black bear dumped in ditch; hunter ticketed for littering

EDMONTON — The body of a black bear was dumped illegally in a ditch near Lloydminster on Sunday, Alberta Fish and Wildlife said.

Officers determined the bear had been shot legally on private land, but that the carcass was improperly disposed of.

The person who shot the bear was ticketed for littering, Fish and Wildlife said.

“Owners or occupants of privately owned land or any person authorized to keep livestock on public land may, without a licence, hunt (but not trap) black bear on such lands, at all times of the year,” a Government of Alberta spokesperson said.

The woman who reported the carcass, Angie Atkinson, says bears are a common sight in the area.

“We’re not that far from the North Saskatchewan River, so there’s lots of ravines,” said Atikinson. “Once in a while, I’ll see scat along the road but they’re just trotting down the road and don’t seem to be much of a problem.”

Officials say animal carcasses should be disposed of at a waste management facility or on private land.


Justin Trudeau