Heroes in everyday life



Someone who has eyes, sensitivity, and heart sees that the dog has been abandoned.

The dog falls in love with him but is afraid.
He knows people differently…

The young hero tries to win his trust with goodies, for a moment it looks like it works.
Then he knows he mustn’t waste time, a trap has to be made.

That was the beginning of great love, now they both live together
We love stories like that  ❤️

Regards and a good night from Venus

England 1939: The great animal massacre, an unknown story

On September 3, 1939, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced to the BC that Britain had declared war on Germany.

At that moment something happened that almost no one has ever mentioned. Without the authorities’ requests, around 400,000 dogs and cats (26% of the animals that lived with their families in London) were sacrificed in the first four days of World War II.

Pets were dying all over the city these days. Veterinary clinics and animal shelters were busy with an unprecedented extermination facility. A large operator ordered night shifts because the work could not be done otherwise.

People had brought their favorites here to have them killed. Hundreds of the citizens stood neatly lined up in front of a small animal shelter in north London.

Cats and dogs were waiting with them. Life ended here for the animals.

The dog protection association ran out of chloroform to put to sleep; the helpers had to electrocute the dogs.

Many companies soon no longer knew what to do with the carcasses. Most of them were taken to a large sanatorium for animals that had offered a meadow on its grounds in an emergency.

Today there is not even a plaque to commemorate the mass grave.
How did the pet massacre, this collective hysteria, come about in a country that sees itself as fond of animals?

For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/06/08/england-1939-the-great-animal-massacre-an-unknown-story/



And I mean…It should be noted that this great massacre took place long before the bombing of London began, long before the people really felt the effects of the armed conflict.

It was not an inevitable result of the war, but an individual decision that became collective.

But perhaps what’s most shocking about this unprecedented mass action was that none of it was done out of any real necessity.

Rather the owners took the fateful decision to have their pets euthanized because they believed they were doing the best by their animals.

Somehow, the memory of how hard dogs and cats suffered during the First World War triggered this collective madness as soon as it became known that a new war was coming.

People would rather do that than see their animal starve.

This mass killing of pets is a tragic and shameful episode in history, but at the beginning of the corona pandemic, almost 90 years after the London massacre, the same massacre is taking place across Europe.

In China, there were many pets that were sold or given away, in Germany many farm animals were killed or gassed, and mass death still threatens zoo animals everywhere.

Back then it was the war, today Corona is the cause.

It is always the weak one, these without rights, the voiceless, who falls as the victim.

The story repeats itself, but human animals are not capable of learning.

My best  regards to all, Venus