German hunting fair: The Mecca of animal killers

The “Jagd & Hund (Hunting and Dog)” fair, which takes place annually in Dortmund, Germany, is Europe’s largest hunting fair.

The organizers advertise themselves with the participation of exhibitors from over 40 nations from all continents.

Among them are almost 180 tour operators who offer the shooting down of individuals of endangered and protected species such as various deep sea birds and songbirds, polar bears, rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, monkeys, brown bears, and wolves – quite legally.

As in colonial times, wealthy trophy hunters shoot endangered animals.

We are currently experiencing the greatest loss of species since time immemorial.

Hunting methods are used that are prohibited in Germany for good reasons: hunting with a bow and arrow, crossbow, or revolver. A hunting license is often not even required.

In some places, wild animals such as for example Lions specially bred in hunting farms to have them shot by trophy hunters in large enclosures.

In Africa alone, 18,000 trophy hunters kill over 100,000 wild animals each year.

The shooting down of an individual animal often endangers their entire family and group system.

Hundreds of trophies of internationally protected species are imported to Germany every year.

According to the federal government between 2017 and 2019, it was 89 leopards, 89 hippos, 89 brown bears, 85 elephants, 54 lions, 46 wolves, 23 Argali sheep, 17 Cheetahs, 6 polar bears, 6 white rhinos, 1 black rhinoceros, hundreds of zebras and monkeys and numerous other species.

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And I mean…Does anyone really believe that even a poor family in these countries benefits from the murderous big game hunt?

In countries with an obscure legal situation, with horrendous corruption, with often dictatorial governments, where the very few rich bathe in gold and where the very poor have hardly a bite to eat?

Hunting is (almost) in all cases a leisure pleasure, a pervert one, for an elite group of people with exclusive rights, who is partly willing to pay a lot of money to enjoy a very special but psychotic thrill.

Hunters kill up to five million wild animals and an estimated several hundred thousand dogs and cats in Germany every year.

In just a few weeks, private individuals can complete the hunting license (the “Green Graduation”), then lease a hunting ground and shoot legally defenseless fellow-creatures in their free time.

There are only about 1,000 professional hunters, mostly forest officials, against the approximately 380,000 hobby hunters in Germany.

Hunting is not nature conservation, because not only 5.5 million wild animals die every year, but more than 350,000 cats and over 40,000 dogs are killed by hunters (information taken from official hunting publications). Trusting hunters in animal welfare is like trusting a pedophile to run a children’s daycare center.

My request is, therefore: hunt the hunters out of the forest!

My best regards to all, Venus


Australia: the annual slaughter of kangaroos


OZ Coat of Arms_001

The Australian Government authorizes the slaughter of millions of kangaroos every single year.

They are shot at night in the vast outback, away from public scrutiny.

40 percent of kangaroos are not expertly killed, they suffer wounded for hours.


Farmers have a financial interest in the mass murder:

Around half of the merino wool produced worldwide comes from Australia. The herds and the need for pasture land are correspondingly large.

Wild kangaroos take away the pastures from the flocks of sheep.

This annoys the Australian farmers – they consider the national symbol like a plague and a threat to their financial income from the sale of the merino wool.

The flesh and leather of the killed kangaroos are exported in large quantities.
Germany is one of the main sales markets for kangaroo products.


And I mean…It is the largest annual massacre of wildland animals on the planet. And one of the most brutal.

Kangaroo carcases-®Hopping Pictures

Shame on Australia for murdering their iconic kangaroos to make meaningless purses, wallets, jackets, shoes, or sporting goods! The killing is a disgrace – cruel and entirely profit-motivated.

Shame on Australia, on farmers and murderous hunters who always want to protect their businesses with murder.

This corrupt government is not only to blame for the annual mass murder of the harmless kangaroos but also for the murderous business model of ship transport with sheep to Kuwait and the Arab Emirates.

The Australian government must go, Morrison must go.

My best regards to all Venus