“humane” slaughter


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“If we are made of what we eat, doesn’t it make you sick, ashamed, and sad to be made of violence, torture, mutilation, murder, and being a walking cemetery of carcasses of carcinogenic animals??”

(original text): “Si estamos hechos de lo que comemos, no te da asco, vergüenza y pena estar hecho de violencia, torturas, mutilaciones, asesinatos y ser un cementerio andante de cadáveres de animales cancerígenos.??”

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And I mean…The answer is no! No carnist is ashamed to be part of such crimes.
On the one hand, because the meat industry is constantly developing very clever strategies to keep such images secret.

On the other hand, carnists try to deny the reality and therefore most of them turn on the autopilot of apology and justification as soon as they see such pictures:

1. My conscience is clear because I buy my meat from the farmer next door who doesn’t torture the animals.
2. I actually eat very little meat.
3. Animals were always slaughtered as our food, it was always like this and it is completely natural.
4. Slaughter is so brutal only in countries that do not have an animal protection law, we have the best here.

We operate an animal genocide every day, with the most inhumane practices in human history, and yet we want to rationalize it with the argument,  that people have always eaten meat as if this was a justification to continue to do so.

 According to this logic, we should not try to prevent people from killing other people, as this has always been done.

How long do the carnists want to follow the dirty propaganda of the meat mafia that says meat is normal, natural, and necessary?

To pay for and support this system of exploitation, this animal holocaust?

To cheat themselves with the illusion of free choice if this choice is only a result of the propaganda of the meat mafia?

How long do the carnists want that executioner doing a dirty job for them?


In fact, the only honest argument of meat-eaters as to why they eat animals is that the suffering and pain of other beings care them a shit.

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. If “humane slaughter” were logical, there would be NO slaughter. The objective of a slaughterhouse is to kill and to dismember, and there is NOTHING “humane” about that.

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