UPDATE: Lion Cub with Legs Broken for Selfies Is Off to Sanctuary! – Petition to Bring His Abusers to Justice – Please Sign.

SIGN: Justice for Lion Cub With Legs Broken for Tourist Selfies


UPDATE: Lion Cub with Legs Broken for Selfies Is Off to Sanctuary!

Simba Is Headed to Sanctuary in Africa!

More than 40,000 of you signed Lady Freethinker’s petition for justice for Simba, a lion cub who had his back legs deliberately broken to keep him still during tourist selfies.

And now, we have a heartwarming update: Simba is headed to an animal sanctuary in Africa, where he can live out the rest of his life in peace!

Innovative surgery helped the innocent lion cub learn to walk again, but he will forever remain scarred by his abusers, who have yet to be identified.

They must not get away with abusing a baby lion. If you haven’t yet, Sign the petition now to urge authorities to find and charge the perpetrator(s) who brutally snapped Simba’s legs.

Please sign the petition now to bring his abusers to justice:


Simba suffered unimaginable pain at the hands of his abusers, who put profit over his life. He endured beatings so bad his spine was severely injured, and after he got sick from lack of care, his captors dumped him in an old, dirty barn to die.

Rescuers found him literally wasting away, riddled with pressure sores and intestinal obstructions. It’s a miracle he’s alive today.

Simba deserves more than just his freedom — he deserves justice. Sign the petition for justice for Simba.

Thank you for adding your voice to help stop animal cruelty.

Nina – Lady Freethinker.

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