Germany: Rollator for assholes!

One of the most popular and most common execution places in the German hunt is the “high seats”.
And that means that a murderer will climb that tower and shoot anything that moves.

Through the feeding that they regularly put in front of this murder seat, they want to get their future victims used to always coming to the same place so that they can be shot more easily.

They create, so to speak, the future place of execution.

Because hunters are not only professional killers but also professional liars, they claim that they use this method to help weak wild animals not to starve over the winter.

In fact, they just want to shoot a deer quickly and not sit in the high seat for hours and wait for one to run past.

The winter of that year was very mild. So if the winter is so mild, it should go without saying that no hunter feeds. But they do it anyway.

I once asked a hunter in my area why his high seat is so close to the feeding place.
He said…

Well, I’m a little visually impaired. The maximum distance to meet a deer is about 10 meters. Once I wanted to shoot a fox from 15 meters when I accidentally shot my hunting dog. It was a great tragedy. That should never happen again”.

Everywhere we are still literally surrounded by high seats and feeding places, at least on the high Black Forest, where I live.

With around 388,000 hunters in Germany (2019) and taking into account the fact that a hunting license can be obtained within 6 days, it very often happens that when hunting, many animals are only shot and die in agony.

In addition, not all animals that are hunted end up on the plate. Foxes shot dogs, cats, or badgers are not eaten and go into the garbage can.

To support them in their grueling actions, there are always new products on the market, and one of them is this high seat rollator that I found on a trip today.

Rollator for assholes

My best regards to all, Venus