Factory farming: enemy of the planet


Utilizing drone footage, Animal Equality has released an investigation denouncing the serious environmental risks caused by pig farms in Mexico.

BACKGROUND: Industrial animal farming has had a devastating impact on the planet and human health, as well as been extremely cruel to animals.

Most scientists agree that the greatest threat humanity faces today is climate change, and our current food production system is helping to accelerate potentially catastrophic environmental changes.

For example, it is estimated that the process of animal farming contributes to around 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Animal agriculture also is a serious threat to public health, with numerous diseases originating from its practice. These diseases include the swine flu pandemic of 2009 and most recently, COVID-19, which scientists believe originated from a live animal market in China.

THE DETAILS: Given the urgency to stop these risks, Animal Equality has released the short documentary, Enemy of the Planet.

The investigative film was produced using drones that flew over two industrial pig farms in Jalisco, Mexico that house more than 89,000 pigs.

The goal of the investigation is to publicize the damage caused by industrial livestock farming.


For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/08/11/factory-farming-enemy-of-the-planet/



And I mean…Mexico is all over the world.
The video above is unfortunately in German, but don’t let that stop you from watching it without sound.

It is a video from various German stables.

There are undercover investigations by the ARIWA organization and Greenpeace.

Since 2013, both organizations have endeavored to bring the responsible of these hells – stables to justice in Germany. Until today without success, despite undercovers!

A brief explanation about the video: Due to the documented, cruel ILLEGAL conditions in German stables, the two organizations filed criminal charges with lawers against the farms and they have been doing this since 2013.

Veterinarians tell in the video that when they reported violations of the animal law, they were taken out of control.

Criminal complaints from the organization against the ILEGAL manure booths have been discontinued since this year until today, NO ONE has been punished, the businesses continue as we see them.

It is a mafia the meat industry, it is an organized crime that pays high taxes to the state and is protected by politicians, who are mostly financially involved in this business.

The stupid and incompetent Agriculture Minister of Germany Julia Klöckner said: “We don’t need a self-appointed stable – police to monitor compliance with animal welfare.”

Decaying body parts of animals in factory farming (98%), slaughterhouse workers beating the piglets to death on the floor, fear, and terror to which these animals are exposed… is not what I call controlling animal welfare, but exposing criminals!

This is a job that should be paid, and we all have to be grateful to these people.
Because our “responsible politicians” are useless idiots!

My best regards to all, Venus