Justice for Regan Russell – the lie industry of the animal transport mafia

Truckers say they’re getting death threats after animal rights protester’s death (!!!)


by “Ashley”
CDL Life News

After a prominent animal rights activist was fatally struck by a truck last month, the trucking company he works for says that they’ve received death threats.

The incident occurred on June 19 in Burlington, Ontario, when 65-year-old Regan Russell was fatally struck by a truck hauling pigs while protesting with the group “Toronto Pig Save” outside of a meat processing plant.

On July 20, the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) announced that the 28-year-old truck driver had been charged with Careless Driving Causing Death.
The trucking company that the unnamed truck driver worked for, Brussels Transport, now says that they have been targeted with threats from animal rights groups.

Tyler Jutzi, whose family owns Brussels Transport, told CTV News, “They threatened to blow up trucks. They threatened to sabotage trucks. They threatened to burn the slaughterhouse down.”

Jutzi also said that activist groups “put a bounty out on the driver, offering rewards for information about his name and whereabouts. This is terrifying, that someone might try to come to his home, to harm him or his family, over an accident.” (!!!)

In a GoFundMe set up to help defend the truck driver as he faces both charges and threats from the activists, Brussels Transport writes:

“The driver’s name is being kept anonymous in order to protect him and his family. He has already been the focus of threats by animal activist groups on social media should they determine his identity.

Brussels Transport is raising the money on his behalf to continue to protect that anonymity. He needs our help to cover the big costs of fighting this.

All money raised will go towards covering his legal fees in fighting this unacceptable charge, as well as tending to his mental health needs.
This charge is not acceptable to the driver, other drivers in the industry, or the agricultural community as a whole.

The driver was just doing his job to help feed people around the world, delivering pigs to slaughter.


For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/08/13/justice-for-regan-russell-the-lie-industry-of-the-animal-transport-mafia/


My Comment: With this article, it becomes clear by what dirty means the animal transport mafia tries to defile the negligent murder of activist Regan Russel.

Human specimens that torture and slash animals en masse every day would also show no consideration for their peers, i.e. humans.

They have lost all sensitivity and compassion if they ever had one.

What they have developed is their professionalism in lies.

Animal rights activists would never make threats.
Animal rights activists have no interest in death or harm to human animals as a matter of principle.

These claims are empty, outrageous, and will not be able to justify the negligent murder of an innocent and peaceful animal rights activist


Here is a very nice depiction of the “Regan Russell” case by Anonymous

“What we fight against goes beyond non-human animal rights; to no surprise, the oppressors of animals (humans) promote violent and bloody human rights violations too.

Truckers and those supporting them clashed with animal rights activists outside the Burlington slaughterhouse in Canada where Regan Russell was hit and unmercifully killed by a truck driver transporting animals to their murders.

Their counter-protest clearly demonstrated a callous disregard for human life also, fuelled by their ingrained speciesism.

The hatred of animals is the first form discrimination we’re all taught as children; the idea that some non-human animals matter and others are nothing more than shit we flush down a toilet.

This poisonous idea warps people’s minds to the point where they not only hate animals, their hatred gets directed towards their own species, and anyone they can think of as different to them.

In order to properly honor Regan’s life and end the injustice towards animals, we need to dismantle human supremacy”