Romania: bison population boosted by eight more animals!

A herd of eight European bison has just arrived in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area and will soon join the 57 bison that are already roaming free here.

A keystone species, the animals are part of a rewilding initiative that is benefitting local communities.

Record-breaking rewilding

A herd of eight European bison (two males, six females) arrived in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area in Romania yesterday evening, and will soon join the 57 animals that are already roaming free here.

Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania have been reintroducing bison into the Țarcu Mountains (part of the Southern Carpathians) since 2014, with this record-breaking initiative creating the largest wild bison population in Romania for 200 years.

The European bison is a keystone species that have a large impact on the landscape, allowing many other species of flora and fauna to thrive through their grazing, browsing, and other interactions with their habitat.

Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania are also using the return of the bison to the Țarcu Mountains as a way to support local communities, by developing the area as a nature tourism destination, and through community-based and educational initiatives, scientific research and technological innovation.

“Every bison reintroduction and every birth in the wild is a success for the conservation of these vulnerable animals,” says Southern Carpathians rewilding team leader Marina Drugă.

“Going beyond this, they can benefit local wild nature and people in so many different ways. In this regard, they are more than a keystone species here.”


The journey to freedom

The two males and six females began their long journey to the wild from five reservations in Germany (Wisentgehege Springe, Wisentgehege Donaumoos, Nationalpark Kellerwald-Edersee, Nationalparkverwaltung Bayerischer Wald and Wisentgehege Hardehausen).

The Springe reservation hosted the females for several months in order to form a compact herd, a method that ensures the group has a smoother transition to its new environment.

“The transport required extensive preparation,” explains Florin Hălăștăuan, a project officer attached to the Rewilding Southern Carpathians team.

“From the bison selection process, which is important for genetic diversity, right through to the fitting of GPS collars, we always focus on the wellbeing and successful reintroduction of the animals.”

The European bison is a keystone species that have a large impact on the landscape, allowing many other species of flora and fauna to thrive through their grazing, browsing, and other interactions with their habitat.


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And I mean…With this, the Romanian prove that they want to protect and care for their wildlife.

Unlike many other European countries, they understood that both the ecosystem and humans need wildlife.
We will follow the offspring of the bison in Romania with great interest!

My best regards to all, Venus


Bullfighting: the comeback of the Arena Murderer

Spain, Portugal, and France reopen their squares to continue the torture of bulls!

Spain, Portugal, and France have reopened their squares to continue the torture of bulls.

The images are unfortunate. Fans applauding the suffering of innocent animals. Terrified bulls that penetrate the torso of horses that are unable to flee.
Blood covering the sand.
Only death from beginning to end.

When the show ends, only the wicked smile of the bullfighters remains as they drag the body of their victim out of the plaza.

The Toledo town of Torrijos was the first to carry out the first bullfight of the “New Spanish Normality” on July 12, thus resuming a season that was suspended on March 8.

Other cities such as Huelva, El Puerto de Santa María, Málaga, Mérida, Beziers … already have their posters programmed in the Covid-19 era, to which belong  towns such as: Estepona, Osuna, Lodosa, Plasencia, Miraflores de la Sierra, El Espinar, Herrera del Duque, Santisteban del Puerto, Andújar, El Rocío, Astorga, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Priego de Córdoba, Valdetorres del Jarama, etc.

In Portugal Estremoz also resumed its bullfighting season in mid-July, and there are runs scheduled in Cartaxo, Vila Nova Da Barquinha, or Coruche.

Also in France, they have joined the bloody nonsense in Beziers, Beaucaire, Istres, Saint-Martin-de-Crau, or Garlin.

We want to go one step further and abolish bullfighting forever. That has always been our goal, and we have taken leaps and bounds in recent years with the ban in Catalonia and the progress in Mallorca.

We do not want to take a step back, nor to gain momentum. The moment is now.

If not now when? If not you, who? Animals cannot wait any longer, nor deserve less.

And I mean.. In all football stadiums, the game takes place without an audience, so it is strictly forbidden for the audience to enter.
Don’t the corona precautions apply to bull murder in Arenas?

It is obviously a special approval of the “progressive” coalition government, to which the left party “Podemos” belongs, especially as financial support for the bull killers.

The bullfighting mafia has managed to get the government to recognize bullfighting as an “artist industry” and has thus received a large part of the Spanish government’s corona bailout package as a “cultural sector”.

In the earlier, non-corona years, it was about 130 million euros annually from an EU fund intended for the production of high-quality meat, but the industry, in reality, breeds animals not for meat production but for bullfighting. Here the laws are abused.

Bullfighting is held up as a tradition that has been proven to have been invented by Jitanos and during the darkest time on earth, namely during the Inquisition.

Bullfighting and bull festivals violate any ethics of modern civilized countries and societies.
Only a few dull, mentally weak proletarians in society can get excited about something that repels civilized people.

I am sure we will soon be able to end this shame wherever it takes place.


My best regards to all, Venus

an incredible love story

The wild shark immediately recognizes her human best friend and asks for belly scratches 💙


Around 100 million sharks are murdered by us humans every year.

According to the “Statista” source, 64 shark attacks to human animals took place worldwide in 2019, two of which were fatal.
We can easily imagine who is the killer here.

Most of the animals die because of their dorsal fin.

In so-called “finning”, the dorsal fin is usually cut off while sharks are still alive. The mutilated animals are then thrown overboard into the sea, where they die in agony.

Their fins are mainly processed into shark fin soup on the Asian market, which tastes of nothing.

In addition, numerous sharks are caught in the oceans and locked up in large aquariums, such as the planned Shark City shark prison, until the end of their lives.
In these facilities, the animals are deprived of everything they need to lead a life appropriate to the species.

Anyone who has been afraid of sharks and rated them as the killer of the sea has read the wrong fairy tales in their childhood or watched the wrong films as adults.

There is no other animal that attacks, tortures, and kills other animals for no reason.

That is just human animals, the crowning glory of idiocy.

My best regards to all, Venus


Lebanon: Massive Explosion Rocks City. Animals Lebanon Need Immediate Help. Donation Link Below. Please Give.



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At 6:00 pm yesterday afternoon a major explosion at the port rocked all of Beirut.
Initial reports of over 100 dead and 4,000 injured.
Beirut has been declared a disaster city.

Entire buildings and homes were destroyed, and significant damage throughout the whole city.
What happened is absolutely shocking.


Animals Lebanon’s office was damaged and windows blew out. Animals were injured from the glass and there were bloody prints everywhere by the time we could make it to the office.

We rushed some animals to the vet for urgent care from the cuts


We have repairs to make at the office, emergency vet bills for our own animals, and now putting all our effort into helping others with their injured or lost animals.
We will share more updates but still trying to understand this new reality everyone is dealing with.

If you need help with an animal, email your phone number and location and any details to

If you can join our rescue team, email your number to

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