Indonesia: Orangutan who lost both his arms on an electric fence while trying to escape from captivity learns how to climb and find food using only his legs.


A smiling Kopral did not alwyas have an easy life


'Kopral has mastered the ability to climb trees and forage for natural food using only his legs. This has allowed him to develop into a relatively independent individual,' a spokesperson from the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation has said

The bravest ape: Orangutan who lost both his arms on an electric fence while trying to escape from captivity learns how to climb and find food using only his legs as he prepares to return to the jungle

  • Orangutan Kopral was electrocuted when trying to flee cage where his captors kept him in Indonesia

  • The young animal’s horrifying injuries were so bad that both of his arms had to be removed 

  • He was rescued and brought under care of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation who taught him key skills

  • He now lives in an island complex in Samboja Lestari which resembles a natural environment

A brave orangutan who lost both his arms trying to escape captors has finally ‘graduated’ from ‘Forest School’ after learning the skills he needs to survive.

Kopral was electrocuted when he climbed an electricity pylon in a bid to escape captors who had been keeping him in a cage in Indonesia as a pet since he was a baby.

The youngster was brought to the East Kalimantan Orangutan Reintroduction Program by taxi, but his arms were severely burnt and nothing could be done to save them.

Despite his horrific start in life, Kopral has excelled in his ‘Forest School’ – a rehabilitation programme designed to teach orangutans how to build nests, climb trees, select appropriate natural foods and recognise natural predators.

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the inhabitants of oceans

The oceans are a great place of incredible natural beauty…

There is only one animal on this planet that destroys not only the oceans but the entire planet and its inhabitants through excessive, daily, global mass murder! that is the human animal.

Animal species are dying out at a rapid rate, plant species are dying out at a rapid rate.

Humanity is growing at a rapid pace because the man believes that his life is of the greatest importance or relevance to the universe.

That is man, the crown of idiocy, a joke of evolution, a bad comedy on the stage of the universe –

What will be in the future?
In a short time, humanity will face itself alone on a cemented earth and experience all mercilessness and brutality firsthand.

He will experience the same brutality with which he, out of ignorance and anthropocentrism, destroyed the diversity and beauty of life.

Best regards and a good night from Venus

England: Hogwood Wins !


Hogwood Wins !

HOGWOOD has won an award for outstanding film-making at the British Documentary Film Festival!

Last month we announced that HOGWOOD had been nominated for an award at the British Documentary Film Festival. Now, we are very excited to announce that HOGWOOD has won!

The British Documentary Film Festival is a celebration of exceptional documentary film-making.

Each year, they screen the very best indie documentaries at a prestigious premiere in London. HOGWOOD was selected as a finalist for two award categories – the ‘Best British Short’ and the ‘Wild Animal Award’ – and was named the winner of the Wild Animal Award!

This category celebrates documentaries that capture animals and wildlife in a creative and engaging way. We were faced with fierce competition, especially as many of the other nominees focused on more mainstream topics such as conservation efforts, exotic species, and even ‘sustainable farming’. HOGWOOD must have made a strong impression on the judges and we couldn’t be more proud!

We Should Stop Thinking Of Meat As ‘Man Food’, Says Men’s Health.

We Should Stop Thinking Of Meat As ‘Man Food’, Says Men’s Health

The piece suggests that the rise of veganism is contributing the changing ideas about ‘man food’, citing highly-acclaimed documentary The Game Changers as a major influence


Maria Chiorando

Publish date:

Aug 3, 2020

The tide may be turning on the idea that meat is ‘man food’, according to a recent article by Men’s Health magazine.

The piece, titled We Need to Get Over the Idea of ‘Man Food’, says ‘the red-blooded man has long worn questionable eating habits as a badge of honor. But, with veganism on the rise, is the tide turning at last?’.Thanks for watching!Visit Website

It looks at the food assumptions we make culturally – for example, ‘man food conjures pies, steaks, burgers, fast food, greasy spoons, kebab shops, chicken shops, curry houses, beer, whisky, full-sugar Coke’ and ‘female foods’ include salad, yogurt, quinoa, muesli, and Diet Coke – and questions them.

The Game Changers

The piece suggests that the rise of veganism is contributing the changing ideas about ‘man food’, citing highly-acclaimed documentary The Game Changers as a major influence.

It mentions one of the film’s executive producers – and quintessential muscle man Arnold Schwarzenegger – saying ‘if you don’t think that real men eat quinoa, Wilks’ fanboys – who now include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren and Mike Tyson – might like a quiet word with you’.

The piece adds: “In The Game Changers, Wilks is not only keen to destroy the idea that meat is man food – he hopes to go one step further and create a new type of man food. ‘Everyone should be on this diet’, he tells me.” ebsite


Sharing the piece via Instagram, The Game Changers team described it as ‘thought-provoking’, and shared a quote from the article which describes James Wilks as ‘[pummeling] the idea that ‘real men’ eat meat into a whimpering heap’.

However, the team also notes: “The final section [of the article] also contains factual errors, like that the Roman gladiators were fed the cheapest possible diet (a myth we address in The Game Changers), and features questionable advice from a ‘food engineer’ at a male fertility company that sells, amongst other things, animal-based supplements.

“Barring these bits, the article is a great read and a strong sign that The Game Changers continues to make waves around the world.”

Happy birthday, Martin Sheen

Congratulations and all the best Martin Sheen!

Award-winning actor Martin Sheen (born August 3, 1940) is a committed supporter of Sea Shepherd and has been friends with Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson for over 30 years.

Martin has already been awarded the Golden Globe, an Emmy and a Screen Actors ’Guild Award.

He is also a celebrated TV, film and stage star and is committed to environmental protection, human and animal rights.
Martin has accompanied Captain Paul Watson on various campaigns including against the seal hunt in Canada.

Our sailing and research ship was named after Martin.

MARTIN SHEEN had (among other things) to carry out investigations of microplastics in the sea, especially in the North Pacific. It was also used to conduct important research on whales and the effects of oil spills on the ocean.


All the best from us for you, dear Martin.
We wish you to stay healthy and active for animals for a long time! we wish you strength and endurance.

From WAV and Venus

Austria: the marmot hunt has started


from the blog of Martin Balluch*



Back from a week in the forest, I realize that the hunt for marmots has started. At least with us in Styria, (Austria). In Tyrol and elsewhere it lasts until mid-August, but there are still 2 months left for this cheap hunt.

The shot costs only € 500, with a € 100 discount if you don’t hit. It is 4 times as expensive to shoot a chamois.

The picture above shows an encounter with a marmot on the Wetterinalm. “Beautiful” meadows road, isn’t it? You can tell right away that there is nature here.

The marmot lives carefree there, doesn’t care about hikers or my dog ​​friend who was there.

He is totally peaceful with all animals anyway.

Last autumn I and my family were in an alpine pasture in the Hohe Tauern for a few days after the cows were brought down. We made friends there with a family of marmots.

And then a hunter came up from the valley with his 14-year-old son and a 17-year-old hunting guide. The 14-year-old wanted to shoot a groundhog for his birthday.

Nothing easier than shooting at these almost tame marmots that had played with us.

While these hunters were happy, I felt like a traitor.

How can you be nice to animals when others take advantage of this approach to kill?

I have reported about this incident:


* Dr. Martin Balluch: Martin Balluch studied mathematics, physics, and astronomy at the University of Vienna. He then did his doctorate in physics at the Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg in 1989. From 1990 to 1997 he worked as a university assistant alongside Stephen Hawking in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at Cambridge University.
He is the chairman of the “Verein gegen Tierfabriken” (association against animal factories) which has had many successes against gate hunting in Austria.


For more…at


Some interesting facts about marmots: The small rodents can’t stand the heat. They feel 20 degrees Celsius like we humans 36 degrees in the blazing sun.

Marmots hibernate. At -20 degrees Celsius, the ground squirrels like to crawl in their burrow, where it is pleasantly warm. They cuddle up to each other and lower their body temperature to 6 degrees so that they burn little energy. The smallest come in the middle because it is warmest there. In this way, up to 20 marmots form a huge ball of fur under the ground. They create complex tunnels in which many human animals would get lost.


And I mean…The only ones allowed to kill with impunity are the hunters.

Hunters and farmers produce many excuses to justify their murders of defenseless animals. The first do it out of a hobby and perverse sadism, but they always keep silent the joy, the experience of killing.
The second one is used to torturing animals anyway and cruelly slaughtered for profit.

In today’s society, the following applies: Whoever feels nothing when killing is a psychopath and severely disturbed.

In my view, these people are ruthless assholes, who can continue to kill animals in the forest and everywhere because they are protected by authorities, judges, and politicians who are also hunters themselves.

In Germany, the hunters are a miserable minority of 45% of the population, who nevertheless have the right to terrorize citizens and animals in the forest, to “accidentally” kill pets, to destroy the soil, and to cause enormous pollution.

But the average German thinks it’s none of his business what happens in the forest until he finds his cat or dog shot somewhere, by a hunter.
And he must be happy if a hunter does not mistake him with a wild boar when he takes when he goes for a walk in the forest!!

And so we are back to a known fact: as long as society is manipulated by media propaganda and false information and acts cowardly, nothing will change about the hunt.

It is these who have the power to abolish hunting that must be put under pressure.
From all of us.

We have many resources for this today, we just have to bring courage.

We owe it to the animals.

My best regards to all, Venus