England: ‘No evidence was found of breaches to legal requirements or Red Tractor standards.” – watchthe video and decide !





17/8 and 19/8 – we have attempted to make Ocado send us a formal response to the investigations by Animal Equality – see


and until this afternoon (19/8) they claimed they had the wrong e mail address to send info to us.  Hmm, ok, benefit of doubt gives.

We attempted contact by phone with McDonalds, but they only allow e mail questions – so we asked the question as to what they were doing re Moy Park.  We will publish the Mc response if we ever get one; but assume it will be very much in the same context of Ocado below.

Here below is the formal update on Moy Park by Ocado.

As you can see in their statement a Red Tractor spokesman says :

No evidence was found of breaches to legal requirements or Red Tractor standards.

We have also just spoken (a great conversation) with Animal Equality (AE) who are based here in London.  Like us, they view this as typical very good ‘all is well’ yukspeak when actually you can see from the video footage that all is not well.

In consultation with AE, we are publishing e mail and telephone numbers should anyone wish to take this further.  This info is available to anyone who has web access – and as such the info is available to all the public.

Please phone or e mail about this issue if you wish – it is important for the ‘welfare’ of animals in the UK – to show up those who are trying to supress cruelty.

Note:  WE have underlined part of the statement below.

Regards Mark

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 August 12, 2020 

At Ocado we carry out regular audits of all our suppliers to ensure the welfare of livestock is managed to the highest standards. Following the allegations raised in March, we worked closely with Moy Park to fully investigate the matter. Independent investigations were also carried out at the time by Red Tractor, Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and Trading Standards.

A Red Tractor spokesperson said: “We take animal welfare very seriously. All the farms in the footage were investigated by us and stakeholder partners including their vet, the APHA and trading standards to ensure there was a comprehensive account of farm practices. No evidence was found of breaches to legal requirements or Red Tractor standards.

At Ocado we are committed to the highest levels of animal welfare and are satisfied that this footage is not reflective of the practices at Moy Park which is supported by evidence from veterinary experts. 

All our meat and dairy products meet the Red Tractor farm assurance standards (or the international equivalent) as a minimum. And we know the subject of animal welfare matters significantly to all our customers so we continue to monitor this situation closely.