Foie Gras: Can You Stomach It ? – New Website Launched.

foie 5

We had a very nice e mail from Jessica this morning (21/8) who is a student working on a college journalism capstone project.  Jessica’s aim is to build awareness on the immense suffering caused in the Foie Gras production process.

Jessica says to us:  I’m writing to you because I want to help prevent the suffering of ducks and geese in inhumane food production.

We have immediately sent on all of Jessica’s info to our friends at CIWF in London –  and also provided Jessica with their Foie Gras website link;  so that she may get extra info here.  Philip, the CEO (and personal friend) at CIWF has come back and informed us that a team member will be providing further assistance.

In the meantime, you can check out Jessica’s Foie Gras site by clicking on the following links;

It is great site Jessica; and hopefully you can build even further using the data that will be provided by Philip and the crew at CIWF.

Regards Mark

Our past links on the disgusting abusive issue of Foie Gras:

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