Germany: kittens sold illegally on the street

During the corona lockdown, the borders were closed, which almost brought animal trade on the Internet to a standstill for a few weeks.
Unfortunately, since the borders were reopened, the sale of baby animals on internet portals has been booming again, and dogs, but also small kittens, are sold to anyone interested for a few hundred euros.


Together with the animal rights activist Stefan Klippstein and a television team from RTL, PETA Germany went on the trail of the illegal cat trade and made sad discoveries.

In the meantime, kittens are offered on various internet portals. As the photos show, some animals are so young that they have only just opened their eyes.

Those who pay the retail price also get those animal children who are actually still dependent on their mother’s milk – this is also the case with two kittens aged around three to four weeks that were offered on eBay classifieds by “Hanna”.

After only one hour of contact with the saleswoman, the kittens were to be handed over “the piece” at a Berlin train station for EUR 289 each.

Under no circumstances should the “buyers” take the cats to the vet. The saleswoman actually appeared at the subway stop as discussed.
In her handbag, she had put the little kittens, who were huddled together in fear.

Völlig verängstigt drängten sich die Katzenkinder aneinander.
The kittens huddled together, frightened.

The trader kept talking to her accomplice on the phone and was getting more restless by the minute. She wanted to get rid of the little kittens as quickly as possible and leave.

But the animal rights activists alerted the police, who arrived after just a few minutes. The seller was questioned on the spot and must now expect a complaint.

The kittens were confiscated and taken to a local animal shelter, where they are safe and properly cared for.

Die Katzenkinder wurden an Ort und Stelle beschlagnahmt.
The kittens were confiscated on the spot.


Selling animal children in apartments is also “normal”

Another case of cat trafficking was discovered in an apartment in Berlin. A PETA-known dealer there regularly sells kittens “whose mother was run to death”.
Or she deceives interested buyers by pretending to be a different cat as the “mother animal”.

Here, too, it could be seen that the kittens are still well under eight weeks old.

A price of 160 euros should be paid per animal. They were vaccinated, she said, but there was no vaccination card.
The dealer also offered to get medication for the animals from a Polish veterinarian friend – another criminal offense.


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And I mean…There would be no pet trade if everyone who REALLY wants to adopt an animal had taken it from a shelter.
The shelters are full.
Thousands of animals are waiting for a home there, most of them die without realizing the dream of their own home

NEVER buy creatures on the internet, on the street, or from breeders.
Someone is waiting for you at the shelter, give them a chance at a new life in freedom, warmth, happiness.

My best regards to all, Venus


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