Animal transports: where there is no plaintiff – there is no judge.

The new film by Manfred Karremann “Cattle for the Orient” (in German and French)


1.4 billion animals are transported in the EU every year, as far as North Africa and the Middle East. For years, the main customers for German and EU cattle have been third countries such as Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt, but also Turkey.

As if animal transports within the European Union weren’t bad enough: If animals are transported to countries outside the EU, they are often exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Not only long travel times but also long waiting times at the borders do their part.

It’s criminal, it’s a political shame to let them cart to countries where there is no animal protection law.

As soon as animals leave the EU on trucks or ships, animal welfare is usually over.

Immediately after the journeys to hell, their tendons are cut or their eyes gouged out to make them defenseless – many of them fight for their lives for minutes in the slaughterhouse because of imprecise cuts in their necks.

Tied bull from the Czech Republic shortly before slaughter in Lebanon (Photo: © Animals International)


Although the European Court of Justice ruled in 2015: “Animal welfare does not end at the border of the European Union. The welfare of the animals must be ensured until the final destination – whether stables or slaughterhouses”.

But at the destinations of animal transports, for example in Lebanon or Egypt, nobody is interested in the regulations of Europeans.

Controls are missing.

The following applies: where there is no plaintiff – there is no judge.

German bull with severed tendons in an Egyptian slaughterhouse (Photo: © Animals International)


In 1990 the filmmaker Manfred Karremann made his first film about animal transports: his pictures of tortured farm animals from Germany and Europe resulted in millions of protests.


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