“animal crush” is fun for psychopaths, it must be baned

Videos under the title “Animal Crush” are circulating on the net that shows how live kittens, puppies, and other animals are mercilessly trampled to death.

This is just one example of the countless pieces of content that uncensored animal suffering on social media.

The World Animal Protection Society fears that such depictions normalize violence against animals and call on the operators of social networks to tighten their guidelines.

They are acts of extreme cruelty to animals, the mere thought of which is difficult to bear. But in the social networks, the recordings can be distributed almost without restriction in image and video format among millions of users worldwide:

Videos under the title “Animal Crush” document how living animals are trampled to death – insects, rabbits, kittens, and puppies.

– “That’s what I do with stray dogs that chase me,” writes a man under a video in which he throws a dog into a ravine.

-Three cats are drowned, filmed, and published under the title “Kittens Drown”.

– A picture of a dog with its muzzle taped with tape is posted with the words, “This will happen if you are not calm.”

-A video of a cat caught in a running microwave fighting for its life….

Images of bloody dog ​​fights, videos of brutal abuse of animals …

…this has to be stopped!

But the social networks rarely do anything against the display of such animal suffering content.
In this way they normalize violence against animals and help society to get used to animal suffering – this could result in massive deterioration in global animal welfare.

In addition, social networks give users the opportunity to save and distribute the content – and even be encouraged to imitate the deeds.

Petition: We at the World Animal Protection Society are convinced that it is also the responsibility of social networks to promote respectful coexistence between animals and humans and not to offer a platform for animal suffering!
That is why we demand from the operators of the social networks: Stop the depiction of animal suffering!

It is imperative that the social networks comprehensively supplement their community standards with the subject of animal suffering, to which users must commit themselves by registering and creating a profile, and that they also check this consistently.

In the event of violations, you must ensure that no further distribution of the content – by others or by the creator – is possible.
Please, dear animal lovers, join us in fighting animal suffering.

Support our demand for the operators of the social networks with your signature!

Petition an die Betreiber der sozialen Netzwerke: Stoppt die Darstellung von Tierleid!


And I mean…We must take this issue (and therefore this petition) very seriously.
The internet is full of such atrocities, but the operators hypocritically allow it, and by doing so, they support this perverse shit.

Enlightenment videos about Corona by doctors have been deleted from youtube en masse over the past few months, immediately.
Brutal police operations against black women also deleted, with the excuse “the Internet is against violence”.

However, the daily violence against animals remains on YouTube and Co. on the net. We must try to stop this dangerous anomaly.

Please sign the petition

My best  regards to all, Venus


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